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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 520

26001. To give a brilliant finish, the type of varnish used, is

26002. Right to Information Act passed by the Parliament in It came into force on

26003. The softest rock is

26004. Bitumen may be dissolved in

26005. Worlds largest concentrated solar power plant opened on 4th Feb 2016 in

26006. Whitworth compressed steel is obtained when molten steel is subjected to a pressure of

26007. Asbestos

26008. Mild steel is used for

26009. The sequence of refractory materials according to increasing melting points is :

26010. Veneering means

26011. Laterite is a/an

26012. A stone is rejected if it absorbs water more than

26013. The most valuable timber may be obtained from

26014. In which state in India the tribal festival ‘Medaram Jatara’is celebrated?

26015. Pick up the compound responsible for early strength of cement from the following:

26016. A person who works for the good of others:

26017. Which one of the following is used for preparing porcelain

26018. The commonly used base for iron and steel work, is

26019. Laterite is found in

26020. Lacquer is

26021. Upto a maximum of 72% of iron, is available in

26022. For lime concrete,

26023. Pig iron made from heamatite ores free from sulphur, phosphorus and copper, is known as

26024. My brother lives in Europe.So I see him once in once in a blue moon.The underlined pharase means

26025. The material generally not used as extender in paints, is

26026. Pick up the non-inflammable plastic from the following:

26027. The most commonly used synthetic abrasive is

26028. For light and ornamental casting, the most unsuitable pig iron, is

26029. Seasoning of timber is essential to remove

26030. The melting point of silica is :

26031. A bull nose brick is not used for

26032. Red short iron cracks when bent due to the presence of

26033. Linseed oil is used in paints as

26034. Plaster of Paris is obtained by calcining

26035. For high grade instruments the steel preferred to, is

26036. If the ore impurities is

26037. The plastics prepared from Vinyl resin are

26038. Chlorite, a green colour mineral is mainly derived from the decomposition of

26039. During smelting process, the combination of fuel in the furnace

26040. Lime stones are generally known as

26041. The method of addition polymerization is used for obtaining:

26042. The opposite of ‘decline’ is

26043. A rock contains only one mineral. It is called

26044. Yasin----on his journey last Friday

26045. Pegmatite is a/an

26046. The percentage of alumina and silica in good fire clay vary respectively is

26047. The term frog means

26048. Asphalt is obtained from

26049. To retard the initial setting time of cement, the compound responsible, is

26050. Dorry's testing machine is used for

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