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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 521

26051. Stones used for rubble masonry must be

26052. Index number expressing the relative sizes of both coarse and fine aggregates, is called

26053. Dolomite is a lime stone which contains carbonate of magnesia upto

26054. Priming consists of

26055. The portion of the brick cut across its width and having its length equal to that of a full brick, is known as

26056. Seasoning of timber is done for

26057. Bitumen felt is used for

26058. According to ISI, bitumen is classified into

26059. Lime putty

26060. The minimum percentage of silica, alumina and ferric oxide in lime for white washing, is

26061. For a 50 kg cement bag water required, is

26062. The presence of sand in brick earth prevents:

26063. The property by virtue of which lime sets under water, is known as

26064. Percentage content of silica in window glass, is

26065. The coefficient of hardness of stones used in road work should be greater than

26066. They rarely speak English,----------

26067. The steel used for the manufacture of rails, is

26068. Slump test for concrete is carried out, to determine

26069. Basalt is

26070. The frog of a brick is normally made on its

26071. The most important constituent of an oil paint, is

26072. Granite mainly composed of quartz and felsper particles, is obtained from

26073. Bullet proof glass is made of thick glass sheet sandwiched by a layer of

26074. Pig iron obtained from the furnance which is properly provided with fuel at a very high temperature, is called

26075. Refractory bricks are

26076. Porcelain is used as :

26077. Durability of building stone is affected by its

26078. Magnese steels

26079. Pick up the metal refractory from the following:

26080. According to IS 399-1963, the weight of the timber is specified at

26081. The size of mould for bricks, is generally kept

26082. Most commonly used solvent in oil paints, is

26083. Acrylic sheets

26084. With storage, strength of cement

26085. The commonly used raw material in the manufacture of cement, is

26086. ---------I would have bought a Ferrari

26087. The most commonly used base for timber painting, is

26088. Pick up the most favourable condition for the rapid growth of fungus for dry rot from the following:

26089. The rocks formed from molten magma, are called

26090. Bitumen paints offer

26091. None of the students----------their assignments

26092. The lime which contains high percentage of calcium oxide, is generally called

26093. For construction of structures under water, the type of lime used, is

26094. Find out the wrongly spelt word

26095. A prime coat is given to steel work with

26096. Ground glass

26097. The harmonious mixing of the clay ingredients, is known as

26098. Does her name begin with-----------‘F’?

26099. The wedging is adopted for quarrying costly stratified rock such as

26100. Rapid hardening cement attains early strength due to

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