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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 522

26101. The colour of statuary marble used for sculptor's work, is

26102. Second class bricks

26103. Lata has trouble ------------remembering people’s names.

26104. A man travels 4 km to the North and turns East and travels 7 km.Then he turns North and travels 1 km and again turns to East and travels 5 km.How far is he from the starting point?

26105. Teak wood is suitable for

26106. Plywood is normally available

26107. French polish is

26108. In stone masonry, if stones are so placed that their layers are parallel to the direction of load, they

26109. In a mortar, the binding material is

26110. Lacquer paints

26111. Wrought iron contains carbon upto

26112. Pick up the polymineralic rock from the following:

26113. What is the angle subtended by minute hand of a clock at its centre when it runs from 10 am to 30 am?

26114. How many days are there between 21-2-2012 and 2012?

26115. In a class A ranks seventh.Rank of B is sixth form the last.If C is fourth after A and just in middle of A and B,how many students are there in class?

26116. If’ SISTER’is related to’QGQRCP’in the same way as’Brother’is related to

26117. Find odd one out

26118. If ‘CAT’ is coded as 48,’DOG’is coded as 52,then code for’COW’is

26119. M10 grade of concrete approximates

26120. For ensuring quality of concrete, use

26121. According to I.S. : 456, the number of grades of concrete mixes, is

26122. The mixture of different ingredients of cement, is burnt at

26123. The risk of segregation is more for

26124. After casting, an ordinary cement concrete on drying

26125. Hydration of cement is due to chemical action of water with

26126. To obtain cement dry powder, lime stones and shales or their slurry, is burnt in a rotary kiln at a temperature between

26127. Permissible compressive strength of M 300 concrete grade is

26128. The standard sand now a days used in India, is obtained from

26129. The maximum amount of dust which may be permitted in aggregates is

26130. Proper proportioning of concrete, ensures

26131. The bulk density of aggregates does not depend upon :

26132. Curing

26133. While compacting the concrete by a mechanical vibrator, the slump should not exceed

26134. Construction joints are provided

26135. An aggregate is said to be flaky if its least dimension is less than

26136. The following proportion of the ingredients of concrete mix, is not in conformation to arbitrary method of proportioning

26137. The increased cohesiveness of concrete, makes it

26138. The ratio of the length to breadth of a wooden float, is

26139. To ensure constant moisture content in aggregates

26140. Workability improved by adding

26141. The commonly used material in the manufacture of cement is

26142. If 20 kg of coarse aggregate is sieved through 80 mm, 40 mm, 20 mm, 10 mm, 4.75 mm, 2.36 mm, 1.18 mm, 600 micron, 300 micron and 150 micron standard sieves and the weights retained are 0 kg, 2 kg, 8 kg, 6 kg, 4 kg respectively, the fineness modulus of the aggregate, is

26143. Curing a concrete for long period ensures better

26144. For the construction of cement concrete floor, the maximum permissible size of aggregate, is

26145. The process of proper and accurate measurement of concrete ingredients for uniformity of proportion, is known

26146. Pointing to a man Geetha said,’he is the son of my grandfather’s only son’.How is Geetha related to that man?

26147. The preliminary test is repeated if the difference of compressive strength of three test specimens, exceeds

26148. Pick up the correct proportions of chemical ingredients of cement

26149. Transport of concrete by pumps, is done for a distance of

26150. Which part of the sun is visible during total solar eclipse?

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