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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 527

26351. Under normal conditions using an ordinary cement, the period of removal of the form work, is :

26352. Wp and Wf are the weights of a cylinder containing partially compacted and fully compacted concrete. If the compaction factor is 0.95, the workability of concrete is

26353. For given water content, workability decreases if the concrete aggregates contain an excess of

26354. Two colour letters are stamping while using two color ribbons.It is called:

26355. Default bottom page margin of word 2003 is:

26356. The part of supplying paper to impression roller is known as:

26357. Shortcut key to cut the selected text:

26358. ”Arial black”is considered as:

26359. Seetha .........to the radio when a lizard fell on her arm.?

26360. In the given figure, the network of a project represents

26361. Pick up the PERT event from the following:

26362. If D is the duration, ES and EF are the earliest start and finish, LS and LF are latest start and latest finish time, then the following relation holds good

26363. Final technical authority of a project lies with

26364. The performance of a specific task in CPM, is known

26365. Spelling and grammar option can be taken from:

26366. A Milestone chart

26367. Completion of an activity on CPM network diagram, is generally known

26368. A dummy activity

26369. Military organisation is known as

26370. Quark Xpress is an example of software used in:

26371. Various activities of a project, are shown on bar charts by

26372. Time and progress chart of a construction, is also known as

26373. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer

26374. The first Tribal University in India was started in the state of?

26375. The time by which activity completion time can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding activities, is known as

26376. The artificial activity which indicates that an activity following it, cannot be started unless the preceding activity is complete, is known as

26377. Henry Gantt developed Bar charts for planning and scheduling of projects in

26378. The most popular type of organisation used for Civil Engineering Constructions, is

26379. The difference between the time avail-to do a job and the time required to do the job, is known as

26380. The object of technical planning, is

26381. The salient feature of functional organisation is

26382. Critical path method

26383. CPM is

26384. Critical path lies along the activities having total float

26385. Construction team means

26386. Pick up the correct network for the activities of pouring concrete, erection of form work, removal of form work and curing of concrete from the following:

26387. A construction schedule is prepared after collecting

26388. Site order book is used for recording

26389. An Executive Engineer may have powers upto

26390. The main principle of an organisation, is

26391. The estimated time required to perform an activity, is known as

26392. A CPM family includes

26393. The time which results in the leasi, possible construction cost of an activity, is known

26394. If the total float and duration of an activity are 5 and 10 days respectively, the particular activity can be

26395. Works costing less than Rs. 20,000 are treated as

26396. A critical ratio scheduling

26397. Bar charts are suitable for

26398. The first method invented for planning projects, was

26399. If TL is the latest allowable event occurrence time, total activity slack(s), is equal to

26400. The Overall in-charge of an organisation at the site responsible for the execution of the works, is

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