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26301. According to IS : 382-1963, a good aggregate should be

26302. The 28 days cube strength of mass concrete using aggregates of maximum size 5 cm for gravity dams should be

26303. If P, Y and Z are the weights of cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates respetively and W/C is the water cement ratio, the minimum quantity of water to be added to first batch, is obtained by the equation

26304. For the construction of thin R.C.C. structures, the type of cement to be avoided, is

26305. Vicat apparatus is used for

26306. A symbiotic association where both the partners benefited and neither can survive without the other is called

26307. For the construction of the retaining structures, the type of concrete mix to be used, is

26308. An ideal ware house, is provided

26309. Concrete is unsuitable for compaction by a vibrator if it is

26310. Inert material of a cement concrete mix, is

26311. Sands of zone I are

26312. The lower water cement ratio in concrete, introduces

26313. The cement becomes useless if its absorbed moisture content exceeds

26314. A concrete using an air entrained cement

26315. Mycorrhizal association is present in

26316. Placing of concrete should preferably be done at a temperature of

26317. The aggregate impact value of the aggregate used in

26318. The maximum percentage of chemical ingredient of cement is that of

26319. A symbiotic association between a fungus and an alga is

26320. Sand generally contains salt if it is obtained from:

26321. The impurity of mixing water which affects the setting time and strength of concrete, is

26322. The term Edaphic factor refers to

26323. Di-calcium silicate (C2S)

26324. On a grading curve, the gap grading is represented by

26325. Bulking of sand is

26326. Curing of pavements, floors, roofs and slabs, is done by

26327. The term Ecotone is defined as

26328. The surface where two successive placements of concrete meet, is known as

26329. An excess of flaky particles in concrete aggregates

26330. 1.S.I. has specified the full strength of concrete after

26331. For given workability the grading requiring the least amount of water is one that gives

26332. The minimum percentage of chemical ingredient of cement is that of

26333. The specifications of a cement bag for storage, are

26334. The bulk density of aggregates, depends upon

26335. The bacteria found in the root nodules of leguminous plants are

26336. Horizontal construction joints in concrete walls are generally provided at

26337. National Animal of India is designated by the Scientific name of

26338. For a concrete mix 1:3:6 and water cement ratio 0.6 both by weight, the quantity of water required per bag, is

26339. The concrete mix which causes difficulty in obtaining a smooth finish, possess

26340. Le-Chatelier's apparatus is used for testing

26341. 'Ware house pack' of cement means

26342. In the method of voids for determination of the quantity of cement paste, it is assumed that

26343. If a grading curve is horizontal bet-wen the portions of 20 mm I.S. Sieve and 4.75 mm I.S. Sieve, the graded aggregates do not contain

26344. The size of fine aggregates does not exceed

26345. An aggregate is known as cyclopean aggregate if its size is more than

26346. The main object of compaction of concrete, is:

26347. ’Lac’is obtained from the secretion of

26348. Particles of 0.002 mm size are that of

26349. For quality control of Portland cement, the test essentially done is

26350. If 1500 g of water is required to have a cement paste 1875 g of normal consistency, the percentage of water is,

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