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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 534

26701. The Home keys in English typewriter are:

26702. The project contractor relies on the cost of the estimate :

26703. The wages of supervisors and material handlers are charged as :

26704. The CRF (ep) is also known as: [CRF(EP) - 8% - 7], where

26705. Annuities involve:

26706. If a seller recovers his capital along with accumulated compensating interest not in one single lumpsum payment but in periodical equal payments, over time :

26707. Which method is adopted to develop an approximate or conceptual estimate for perimeter works for buildings from the following:

26708. Pick up the correct method adopted for developing the approximate or conceptual estimates from the following :

26709. The financial analysis :

26710. Pick up the correct statement regarding financial statement analysis from the following.

26711. The owner of the construction company makes use of the estimate :

26712. Which one of the following is not a construction estimate ?

26713. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Programme was launched at Panipat on:

26714. Pick up the method used for project evaluation and selection in capital budgetting from the following:

26715. The ‘Bharat Nirman’was launched by which Prime Minister?

26716. A project construction cost estimate includes:

26717. In the cash flow diagram shown in the given figure

26718. Who was the captain of the volunteer corps related with Guruvayur Satyagraha?

26719. The person desires to pay off the amount in 10 equal annual instalments. The amount of each instalment is :

26720. Renu Bala deposits Rs 1200 now, Rs 800 two years from now and Rs 1000 five years from now. If the savings bank's rate of interest in 5%, she will receive an amount of Rs X 10 years from now, where X is

26721. Author of the famous book ‘Jathikummi’:

26722. The first women who was the recipient of ‘Bharata Ratna’?

26723. Keeping in view, the feasibility order of magnitude, the preliminary, conceptual or budget estimates, are prepared by :

26724. The construction manager uses the estimate of the project

26725. If P is principal amount, i is the rate of interest per annum and n is the number of periods in years, the compound amount factor (CAF) is :

26726. Liquidity ratios are used :

26727. Earning per share is the most important ratio for

26728. Mokshapradipam was written by:

26729. Pick up the main purpose of project cost control from the following :

26730. Which one of the following questions is relevant to the construction estimates :

26731. The ratio obtained by dividing 'quick assests' by current liabilities is called

26732. Which one of the following definitions, is correct ?

26733. Pick up the element of the cost from the following:

26734. The estimator for definitive estimates must be able :

26735. The famous personality who was known as the Licoln of Kerala:

26736. Kodungaloor Kunjikuttan Thampuran was known as:

26737. The social organization of Kerala Samathva Samajam was established in the year:

26738. The author of ‘A community in Peril Christian Women’s Struggle for equal inheritance rights in Kerala’:

26739. The person who had compiled Kesari Balakrishnan Pillai’s works:

26740. As per Indian Standard Specifications, the peak discharge for domestic purposes per capita per minute, is taken

26741. Pick up the item of work not included in the plinth area estimate

26742. The Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi was established in the year:

26743. The brick work is measured in sq metre, in case of

26744. Brick walls are measured in sq. m if the thickness of the wall is

26745. Pick up the correct statement in case of water supply.

26746. In case of laying gullies, siphons, intercepting traps, the cost includes

26747. In long and short wall method of estimation, the length of long wall is the centre to centre distance between the walls and

26748. The height of the sink of wash basin above floor level is kept

26749. While preparing a detailed estimate

26750. Pick up the incorrect statement regarding a master trap from the following :

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