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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 535

26751. The concrete work for the following part of the building of specified thickness is measured in square metres

26752. The British governor general who had permitted the channar women to wear Kuppayams:

26753. The expected out turn of cement concrete 1 : 2 : 4 per mason per day is

26754. The area of the cross-section of a road fully in banking shown in the given figure, is

26755. The plinth area of a building not includes

26756. For 12 mm thick cement plastering 1 : 6 on 100 sq.m new brick work, the quantity of cement required, is

26757. The minimum width of a septic tank is taken

26758. The item of the brick structure measured in sq.m, is

26759. The inspection pit or chamber is a manhole provided in a base drainage system

26760. In the mid-section formula

26761. The item of steel work which is measured in sq.m, is

26762. The value of 'C' of Indian type W.C. shown in the given figure is :

26763. The area of a sloping surface of a protective embankment of mean height d, side slopes S : 1 and length L is

26764. If the formation level of a highway has a uniform gradient for a particular length, and the ground is also having a longitudinal slope, the earthwork may be calculated by

26765. The most reliable estiamte is

26766. The expected out turn of 12 mm plastering with cement mortar is

26767. The main factor to be considered while preparing a detailed estimate, is

26768. The damp proof course (D.P.C.) is measured in

26769. The reduced levels of points, 30 metres apart along the longitudinal section of a road portion between chainages 5 and 9 are shown in the given figure. If there is a uniform up-gradient of the road 120 in 1, the chainage of the point with no filling or cutting is

26770. The area is measured correct to the nearest

26771. Cost of fittings and their fixing is specified for the following sanitary fittings

26772. The volume is measured correct to the nearest

26773. The social reformer who led the Kallumala Agitation:

26774. Pick up the item whose weight is added to the weight of respective item, is

26775. The total length of a cranked bar through a distance (d) at 45° in case of a beam of effective length L, is

26776. While estimating a reinforced cement structure, the omitted cover of concrete is assumed

26777. The excavation exceeding 1.5 m in width and 10 sq.m in plan area with a depth not exceeding 30 cm, is termed as

26778. The slogan”Travancore for Travan Corean’s was associated with which event:

26779. If tensile stress of a steel rod of diameter D is 1400 kg/cm2 and bond stress is 6 kg/cm2, the required bond length of the rod is

26780. The measurement is not made in square metres in case of

26781. According to ISI method of measurement, the order of the sequence is

26782. The assumption on which the trapezoidal formula for volumes is based, is

26783. The cross-sections for a highway is taken at

26784. The detention period in a septic tank is assumed

26785. For 100 sq. m cement concrete (1 : 2: 4) 4 cm thick floor, the quantity of cement required, is

26786. For the construction of buildings, the subheads of the estimate are

26787. The measurement is made for stone work in square metre in case of

26788. The 'centre line method' is specially adopted for estimating

26789. The value of 'A' of Indian type W.C. shown in the given figure is :

26790. Referring of given figure, pick up the correct statement from the following:

26791. Size, capacity and materials need be specified for

26792. A cement concrete road is 1000 m long, 8 m wide and 15 cm thick over the sub-base of 10 cm thick gravel. The box cutting in road crust is

26793. The expected out turn for earth work in excavation in ordinary soil per mazdoor per day is

26794. Anti-siphonage pipe is connected to

26795. The directive principle of state policy is contained in which part of the constitution:

26796. Carpet area does not include the area of

26797. The trap which is provided to disconnect the house drain from the street sewer is called

26798. Who made the famous statement of “the difference between journalism and literature is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read?

26799. Pick up the correct statement regarding the centre line method of estimating a building

26800. The 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup will be held in which country?

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