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26801. The expected out turn of half brick partition wall per mason per day is

26802. If B is the width of formation, d is the height of the embankment, side slope S : 1, for a highway with no transverse slope, the area of cross-section is

26803. The floor area includes the area of the balcony up to

26804. Which God lost his importance as the first deity during the Rig Vedic period?

26805. According to Indian Standards Institute, the actual size of modular bricks is

26806. While estimating the qualities for the construction of a building, the correct metric unit is

26807. The slope of the oultet of 'P trap' below the horizontal is kept

26808. ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ഓഹരി വിപണി നിയമിക്കുന്ന സ്ഥാപനം [Inthyayile ohari vipani niyamikkunna sthaapanam]

26809. The unit of measurement is per quintal for the following:

26810. Due to change in price level, a revised estimate is prepared if the sanctioned estimate exceeds

26811. Who was the Regent to Travancore who issued orders to start vernacular schools in Travancore?

26812. The expected out turn of brick work in cement mortar in foundation and plinth per mason per day, is

26813. The ratio of the actual work available at the turbine to energy imparted to the wheel is called:

26814. The following item of earth work is not measured separately.

26815. Choose the wrong statement:

26816. The ground surface slopes 1 in 50 along a proposed railway embankment 150 m in length. The height of the embankment at zero chainage is 0.5 m, the width is 11 m and side slopes 2:1. If the falling gradient of the embankment is 1 in 150, the quantity of the earthwork calculated by prismoidal formula, is

26817. The diameter of a domestic sewer pipe laid at gradient 1 in 100 is recommended

26818. Saving of work done and power by fitting an air vessel to a single acting recriprocating pump is of the order:

26819. The weight of an item is measured correct to nearest

26820. The rate of payment is made for 100 cu m (per % cu m) in case of

26821. The cost of the earthwork in excavation for the surface drain of cross-section shown in the given figure for a total length of 5 metres @ Rs. 450% cum, is

26822. Compressed air coming out from a punctured football:

26823. The measurement is made in square metre in case of

26824. Berms are provided in canals if these are

26825. The brick work is not measured in cu m in case of

26826. Kashmir - the wounded valley’ is a famous book written by?

26827. The value of 'B' of Indian type W.C. shown in the given figure is :

26828. The rate of an item of work depends on

26829. 7Carnot cycle consists of following four processes:

26830. Pick up the excavation where measurements are made in square metres for payment.

26831. The expected out turn of 2.5 cm cement concrete floor per manson per day

26832. A portion of an embankment having a uniform up-gradient 1 in 500 is circular with radius 1000 m of the centre line. It subtends 180° at the centre. If the height of the bank is 1 m at the lower end, and side slopes 2:1, the earth work involved.

26833. The correct prismoidal formula for volume is

26834. The order of booking dimensions is

26835. The expansion in a nozzle is a:

26836. When two gases suddenly mix up with each other then resultant entropy of the system will:

26837. Following relationship defines Gibb’s free energy G:

26838. Pick up the correct relationship from the following:

26839. All gases behave ideally under:

26840. The wall shown in the below figure has failed. The cause of failure or the error made in the design of the failded wall is :

26841. The span to depth ratio limit is specified in IS : 456-1978 for the reinforced concrete beams, in order to ensure that the

26842. Fill up the blanks using the suitable choices. You could go by air, or ......... you could drive there.?

26843. Some of the structural strength of a clayey material that is lost by remoulding is slowly recovered with time. This property of soils to undergo an isothermal gel-to-soil-to-gel transformation upon agitation and subsequent rest is termed :

26844. The capacities of "One-way 1.5 m wide sidewalk (persons per hour)" and "One-way 2-lane urban road (PCU per hour, with no frontage access, no standing vehicles and very little cross traffic)" are respectively.

26845. Is 459-1978 recommends to provide certain minimum steel in a RCC beam

26846. Shear stress develops on a fluid element, if :

26847. A hydraulic turbine has a discharge of 5 m3/s, when operating under a head of 20 m with a speed of 500 rpm. If it is to operate under a head of 15 m, for the same discharge, the rotational speed in rpm will approximately be

26848. A nozzle discharging water under head H has an outlet area "a" and discharge coefficient cd = 1.0. A vertical plate is acted upon by the fluid force Fj when held across the free jet and by the fluid force Fn when held against the nozzle to stop the flow, the ratio Fj/Fn is

26849. A hydraulic turbine develops a power of 104 metric horse power while running at a speed of 100 revolutions per minute, under a head of 40 m. Its specific speed is nearest to one of the following :

26850. The Prandtl mixing length for turbulent flow through pipes is

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