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26851. A 40° slope is excavated to a depth of 10 m in a deep layer of saturated clay of unit weight 20 kN.m3; the relevant shear strength parameters are cu = 70 kN/m2 and φu = 0. The rock ledge is at a great depth. The Taylor's stability coefficient for φu = 0 and 40° slope angle is 0.18. The factor of safety of the slope is :

26852. Lysimeter and Tensiometer are used to measure respectively, one of the following groups of quantities :

26853. The ruling minimum radius of horizontal curve of a national highway in plain terrain for ruling design speed of 100 km/hour with e = 0.07 and f = 0.15 is close to

26854. Principle involved in the relationship between submerged unit weight and saturated weight of a soil is based on

26855. The kinetic energy correction factor for a full developed laminar flow through a circular pipe is

26856. The slope of the e-log p curve for a soil mass gives :

26857. The modulus of subgrade reaction is obtained from the plate bearing test in the form of load-deformation curve. The pressure corresponding to the following settlement value should be used for computing modulus of subgrade reaction

26858. X-component of velocity in a 2-D incompressible flow is given by u = y2 + 4 xy. If Y-com-ponent of velocity 'v' equals zero at y = 0, the expression for 'v' is given by

26859. Consolidation in soils

26860. The minimum area of tension reinforcement in a beam shall be greater than

26861. In an iceberg, 15% of the volume projects above the sea surface. If the specific weight of sea water is 10.5 kN/m3 , the specific weight of iceberg ir kN/m3 is

26862. A reinforced concrete column contains longitudinal steel equal to 1 percent of net cross-sectional area of the column. Assume modular ratio as 10. The loads carried (using the elastic theory) by the longitudinal steel and the net area of concrete, are Ps and Pc respectively. The ratio Ps/Pc expressed as percent is

26863. A steady discharge of 1 cumec flows uniformly in a rectangular channel 1 m wide at a depth of 250 mm. The slope of the channel bed is :

26864. In reinforced concrete, pedestal is defined as compression member, whose effective length does not exceed its least dimension by

26865. Flexible pavements derive stability primarily from :

26866. The permissible bending tensile stress in concrete for the vertical wall of an R.C. water tank made of M 25 concrete is :

26867. The cylinder strength of the concrete is less than the cube strength because of

26868. A water treatment plant is required to process 28800 m3/d of raw water (density = 1000 kg/m3, kinematic viscosity = 10-6 m2/s). The rapid mixing tank imparts tank a velocity gradient of 900s-1 to blend 35 mg/l of alum with the flow for a detention time of 2 minutes. The power input (W) required for rapid mixing is

26869. A single rapid test to determine the pollu-tional status of river water is :

26870. Vane tester is normally used for determining in situ shear strength of :

26871. For the frame shown in the below figure, the maximum bending moment in the column is,

26872. In a compaction test, as the compaction effort is increased, the optimum moisture content

26873. The peak discharge of the instantaneous unit hydrograph of a basin, when compared to the peak discharge of a 4-hour unit hydrograph of that basin, would be

26874. The drop manholes are provided in a sewerage system when there is

26875. The reaction time for calculation of stopping distance may be assumed as

26876. The percentage error in the computed discharge over a triangular notch corresponding to an error of 1% in the measurement of the head over the notch, would be

26877. The characteristic strength of concrete is defined as that compressive strength below which not more than

26878. Un-factored maximum bending moments at a section of a reinforced concrete beam resulting from a frame analysis are 50, 80, 120 and 180 kNm under dead, live, wind and earthquake loads respectively. The design moment (kNm) as per IS: 456-2000 for the limit state of collapse (flexure) is

26879. The microbial quality of treated piped water supplies is monitored by

26880. The 5-day BOD of a wastewater sample is obtained as 190 mg/l (with k = 0.01 h-1). The ultimate oxygen demand (mg/l) of the sample will be

26881. A tube well having a capacity of 4 m3/hour operates for 20 hours each day during the irrigation season. How much area can be commanded if the irrigation interval is 20 days and depth of irrigation is 7 cm ?

26882. In a reinforced concrete beam-column, the increase in the flexural strength along with the increase in the axial strength occurs

26883. The group efficiency of a pile group

26884. A wastewater sample contains 10-5.6 mmol/l of OH ions at 25° C. The pH of this sample is

26885. At a rated capacity of 44 Cumecs, a centrifugal pump develops 36 m of head when operating at 1450 rpm. Its specific speed is :

26886. Presence of ifluoride in water greater than permissible level of 1.5 mg/l causes

26887. The values of liquid limit and plasticity index for soils having common geological origin in a rectricted locality usually define

26888. M - θ relationship for a simply supported beam shown below is given by :

26889. The number of revolutions of a current meter in 50 seconds were found to be 12 and 30 corresponding to the velocities of 0.25 and 0.46 m/s respectively. What velocity (in m/s) would be indicated by 50 revolutions of that current meter in one minute ?

26890. A lysimeter is used to measure :

26891. In IS : 800 (1984) the permissible compressive stress in column is based on :

26892. Sewage treatment in an oxidation pond is accomplished primarily by :

26893. Presence of excess nitrates in river water indicates :

26894. Two steel plates each of width 150 mm and thickness 10 mm are connected with three 20 mm diameter rivets placed in a zig-zag pattern. The pitch of the rivets is 75 mm and gauge is 60 mm. If the allowable tensile stress is 150 MPa, the maximum tensile force that the joint can withstand is

26895. A single bay single storey portal frame has hinged left support and a fixed right support. It is loaded with uniformly distributed load on the beam. Which one of the following statements is true with regard to the deformation of the frame ?

26896. To have zero active pressure intensity at the tip of a wall in cohesive soil, one should apply a uniform surcharge intensity of

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