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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 540

27001. The plan of a survey plotted to a scale of 10 m to 1 cm is reduced in such a way that a line originally 10 cm long now measures 9 cm. The area of the reduced plan is measured as 81 cm2. The actual (m2) of the survey is

27002. Width of carriage way for a single lane is recommended to be

27003. The shape of the cross-section, which has the largest shape factor, is

27004. The unit of dynamic viscosity of a fluid is

27005. A point load of 700 kN is applied on the surface of thick layer of clay. Using Boussinesq's elastic analysis, the estimated vertical stress (σv) at a depth of 2 m and a radial distance of 1.0 m from the point of application of the load, is :

27006. The liquid limit (LL), plastic limit (PL) and shrinkage limit (SL) of a cohesive soil satisfy the relation

27007. Choroid is a part of which of the following organs of human body?

27008. The sequent depth ratio of a hydraulic jump in a rectangular horizontal channel is 10.30. The Froude Number at the beginning of the jump is :

27009. Shear centre for an angle-purlin as shown in the below figure is located at,

27010. Who was the founder of Peshwa Dynasty?

27011. Alligator or map cracking is the common type of failure in

27012. A steel beam supporting loads from the floor slab as well as from wall is termed as

27013. For an anisotropic soil, permeabilities in x and y directions are kx and ky respectively in a two dimensional flow. The effective permeability keq for the soil is given by

27014. Chemical oxygen Demand (COD) of a sample is always greater than Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) since it represents :

27015. For the determination of earth pressure, Coulomb's wedge theory assumes that:

27016. The degree of kinematic indeterminacy of the rigid frame with clamped ends at A and D shown in the below figure is,

27017. The dimensions for the flexural rigidity of a beam element in mass (M), length (L) and time (T) is given by

27018. The centre of pressure of a liquid on a plane surface immersed vertically in a static body of liquid, always lies below the centroid of the surface area, because

27019. The most commonly used sampler for obtaining a disturbed sample of the soil is

27020. The two criteria for the determination of allowable bearing capacity of a foundation are

27021. The time for a clay layer to achieve 90% consolidation is 15 years. The time required to achieve 90% consolidation; if the layer were twice as thick, 3 times forr permeable and 4 times more compressible would be :

27022. If soil is dried beyond its shrinkage limit, it will show :

27023. If YY is the centroidal axis of a T beam-section subjected to plastic moment, Mp, the neutral axis lies,

27024. The expression for the specific speed of a pump :

27025. A parabolic curve is used to connect a 4% upgrade with a 2% downgrade as shown in the below figure. The highest point on the summit is at a distance of (measured horizontally from the first tangent point - (FTP)

27026. A deep cut of 7 m has to be made in a clay with unit weight 16 kN/m3 and a cohesion of 25 kN/m2. What will be the factor of safety if one has to have a slope angle of 30° ? Stability number is given to be 0.178 (from Taylor's chart) for a depth factor of 3.

27027. An inverted siphon is a

27028. The main constituents of gas generated during the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge are :

27029. Two samples of water A and B have pH values of 4.4 and 6.4 respectively. How many times more acidic sample A is than sample B ?

27030. A weir on a permeable foundation with downstream sheet pile is shown in the figure below. The exit gradient as per Khosla's method is

27031. Which one of the following set of values give the minimum clear cover (in mm) for the main reinforcements in the slab, beam, column and footing, respectively, according to IS : 456-1978 ?

27032. Two flow patterns are represented by their stream functions ψ1 and ψ2 as given below: ψ1 = x2 + y2, ψ2 = 2xy If these two patterns are superimposed on one another, the resulting streamline pattern can be represented by one of the following :

27033. The forces in members 'a, b, c' in the truss shown are, respectively

27034. The plan of stairs supported at each end by landings spanning parallel with risers is shown in the below figure. The effective span of staircase slab is

27035. The value of bearing capacity factor for cohesion, Nc, for piles as per Meyerhof, is taken as :

27036. Permissible bending tensile stress in high yield strength deformed bars of grade 415 N/mm2 in a beam is :

27037. The equation along a stream line holds true for :

27038. An outlet irrigates an area of 20 ha. The discharge (l/s) required at this outlet to meet the evapotranspiration requirement of 20 mm occurring uniformly in 20 days neglecting other field losses is

27039. A stable channel is to be designed for a discharge of Q m3 /s with silt factor f as per Lacey's method. The mean flow velocity (m/s) in the channel is obtained by

27040. The problem of lateral buckling can arise only in those steel beams which have

27041. General Assembly of UNO meets:?

27042. Mud pumping is commonly associated with

27043. The most important water quality parameter for domestic use of water is

27044. Rapid curing cut back bitumen is produced by blending bitumen with

27045. A pre-tensioned concrete member of section 200 mm x 250 mm contains tendons of area 500 mm2 at centre of gravity of the section. The prestress in the tendons is 1000 N/mm2. Assuming modular ratio as 10, the stress (N/mm2) in concrete is

27046. A river 5 m deep consists of a sand bed with saturated unit weight of 20 kN/m3 . vw = 9.81 kN/m3. The effective vertical stress at 5 m from the top of sand bed is

27047. Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of waste water is a measure of

27048. The effective width of a reinforced concrete T beam flange under compression, according to IS : 456-1978, given I0 is the distance between the adjacent zero moment points, b is the breadth of the rib and D is the thickness of the flange, is

27049. In using the data from a plate bearing test for determining the modulus of subgrade reaction, the value of settlement to be used is :

27050. The net effective cross sectional area calculated in the steel angle tension member design, accounts for:

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