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26951. Two footings, one circular and the other square, are founded on the surface of a purely cohesionless soil. The diameter of the circular footing is same as that of the side of the square footing. The ratio of their ultimate bearing capcities is

26952. An isochrone is a line on the basin map

26953. Muskingum method for routing of flood

26954. A frame ABCD is supported by a roller at A and is on a hinge at C as shown below The reaction at the roller end A is given by

26955. On an immersed body in a flowing fluid the lift force is :

26956. In a section, shear centre is a point through which, if the resultant load passes, the section will not be subjected to any

26957. Which one of the following conditions, both elastic and plastic methods of analysis of indeterminate structures have to satisfy ?

26958. During the reign of which of the following emperors was the artillery most perfect and numerous?

26959. Bituminous materials are used in highway construction primarily because of their :

26960. The comparison between pumps operating in series and in parallel is :

26961. At highway stretches where the required overtaking sight distance cannot be provided, it is necessary to incorporate in such sections the following :

26962. A pile of 0.50 m diameter and of length 10 m is embedded in a deposit of clay. The un-drained strength parameters of the clay are cohesion = 60 kN/m2 and the angle in internal friction = 0. The skin friction capacity (kN) of the pile for an adhesion factor of 0.6, is

26963. A roundabout is provided with an average entry width of 8.4 m, width of weaving section as 14 m, and length of the weaving section between channelizing islands as 35 m. The crossing traffic and total traffic on the weaving section are 1000 and 2000 PCU per hour respectively. The nearest rounded capacity of the roundabout (in PCU per hour) is

26964. The shape of the STOP sign according to IRC:67-2001 is

26965. The force in the member DE of the truss shown in the below figure is,

26966. The degree of static indeterminacy of the rigid frame having two internal hinges as shown in the figure below, is

26967. Excessive fluoride in drinking water causes

26968. The proposed dam shown in the below figure is 90 m long and coefficient of permeability of the soil is 0.0013 mm/second. The quantity of water (m3) that will be lost per day, by seepage is (rounded to the nearest number):

26969. A 1 : 30 model of an ogee spillway crest records an acceleration of 1.3 m/s2 at a certain location. The homologous value of the acceleration in the prototype in m/s2 , is

26970. The value of the camber recommended for cement concrete roads in areas of heavy rainfall is :

26971. A waste water sample diluted to 100 times with aeration water had an initial dissolved oxygen (DO) of 7.0 mg/l and after 5 days of incubation at 20°C, the DO was zero. The BOD of waste water is :

26972. For the strip footing on a saturated clay, for the given failure surface as shown in the below figure, the bearing capacity equation takes the form : (where Cu - undrained shear strength φu - angle of internal friction B - width of strip footing qc - ultimate bearing capacity of soil)

26973. A soil mass has coefficients of horizontal and vertical permeability as 9 x 10-7 cm/s and 4 x 10-7 cm/s, respectively. The transformed coefficient of permeability of an equivalent isotropic soil mass is

26974. A reinforced concrete wall carrying vertical loads is generally designed as per recommendations given for columns. The ratio of minimum reinforcements in the vertical and horizontal directions is

26975. The total active thrust on a vertical wall 3m high retaining a horizontal sand backfill (unit weight γt = 20 kN/m3, angle of shearing resistance φ' = 30°) when the water table is at the bottom of the wall, will be:

26976. Reaction at support b of the structure is

26977. When was ‘Nayudhama Award’ come to being?

26978. A vertical rod PQ of length L is fixed at its top end P and has a flange fixed to the bottom end Q. A weight W is dropped vertically from a height h(< L) on to the flange. The axial stress in the rod can be reduced by

26979. Compaction by vibratory roller is the best method of compaction in case of

26980. Design rate of super elevation for horizontal highway curve of radius 450 m for a mixed traffic condition, having a speed of 125 km/hour is

26981. A mild steel specimen is under uni-axial tensile stress. Young's modulus and yield stress for mild steel are 2 x 105 MPa and 250 MPa respectively. The maximum amount of strain energy per unit volume that can be stored in this speciment without permanent set, is

26982. Rivets and bolts subjected to both shear stress (τvf , cal) and axial tensile stress (σtf , cal) shall be so proportioned that the stresses do not exceed the respective allowable stresses τvf and σtf and the value of exceed does not exceed

26983. Standard 5-day BOD of a waste water sample is nearly x% of the ultimate BOD, where x is

26984. A two lane single carriage-way is to be designed for a design life period of 15 years. Total two-way traffic intensity in the year of completion of construction is expected to be 2000 commercial vehicles per day. Vehicle damage factor = 3.0, Lane distribution factor = 0.75. Assuming an annual rate of traffic growth as 7.5%, the design traffic expressed as cumulative number of standard axles, is

26985. At the same mean velocity, the ratio of head loss per unit length for a sewer pipe flowing full to that for the same pipe flowing half full would be :

26986. As per IS : 800-1984 the minimum pitch of rivets in a row is recommended as the diameter of the rivet times

26987. The ordinate of the Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (IUH) of a catchment at any time t, is

26988. Water emerges from an ogee spillway with velocity 13.72 m/s and depth = 3.0 m at its toe. The tail water depth required to form a hydraulic jump at the toe is

26989. In a BOD test, 5 ml of waste is added to 295 ml of aerated pure water. Initial dissolved oxygen (D.O) content of the diluted sample is 7.8 mg/l. After 5 days of incubation at 20°C, the D.O. content of the sample is reduced to 4.4 mg/l. The BOD of the waste water is :

26990. The lateral ties in a reinforced concrete rectangular column uncle: axial compression are used to :

26991. The specific gravity of paving bitumen as per IS:73-1992 lies between

26992. A linear relationship is observed between speed and density on a certain section of a highway. The free flow speed is observed to be 80 km per hour and the jam density is estimated as 100 vehicles per km length. Based on the above relationship, the maximum flow expected on this section and the speed at the maximum flow will respectively be

26993. The ratio of unconfined compressive strength of an undisturbed sample of soil to that of a remoulded sample, at the same water content, is known as :

26994. The modulus of rupture of concrete gives

26995. The total length (in km) of the existing National Highways in India is in the range of

26996. A direct runoff hydrograph due to an isolated storm with an effective rainfall of 2 cm was trapezoidal in shape as shown in the below figure. The hydrograph corresponds to a catchment area (in sq. km) of

26997. A simply supported beam with an overhang is traversed by a unit concentrated moment from the left to the right as shown below The influence line for reaction at B is given by

26998. The parameters in Horton's infiltration equation are given as, fo = 7.62 cm/hour, fc = 1.34 cm/hour and k = 4.182/hour. For assumed continuous ponding the cumulative infiltration at the end of 2 hours is

26999. The temporary hardness of water, is caused by:

27000. Rotational stiffness-coefficient, K11 for the frame having two members of equal EI/l is given by :

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