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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 556

27801. For the design of major hydraulic structures on the canals, the method generally preferred to, is based on

27802. For designing the venturi head,

27803. The sinuosity of a meander is the ratio of

27804. The top soil of a water logged field becomes more alkaline and infertile if its pH value is

27805. The main function of a diversion head works of a canal from a river, is

27806. Side slopes generally kept for canals in loam soil, are :

27807. When a canal flowing under pressure is carried below a natural drainage such that its F.S.L. does not touch the underside of the supporting structure, the structure so provided, is called

27808. For the conditions enumerated to provide a crossing at C1 You will probably provide

27809. If the straight sides of a triangular section of a lined canal with circular bottom of radius R, make an angle θ with horizontal, the perimeter of the canal is

27810. The crest level of a canal diversion head work, depends upon

27811. The depth of rice root zone, is

27812. The intensity of irrigation means

27813. The saturation line is the line up to which banks get saturated after the canal runs for some time. The saturation gradient in ordinary loam soil, is generally

27814. The depth of the crest of a scouring sluice below the crest of a head regulator, is generally kept

27815. The discharge over a trapezoidal crest of a Sarda fall with free over fall conditions, is

27816. When was the cooperative societies act first passed in India?

27817. A river training work is generally required when the river is

27818. For loss of head in a canal inverted syphon barrel, the factor in the Unwin formula is a coefficient for loss of head due to

27819. Transmission of power from the engine to the rear axle of an automobile is by means of

27820. Any point on a link connecting double slider crank chain will trace a

27821. Water-shed line is abondened for aligning an irrigation canal if

27822. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following

27823. For a given discharge in a channel, Blench curves give the relationship between the loss of head (HL) and

27824. A deficit of sediments in flowing water may cause a river

27825. The gear train is which the first and last gear are on the same axis,is known as

27826. Which period is considered as the ‘golden age of Mughal Architecture’?

27827. Meandering of a river generally occurs, in

27828. The consumptive use of water for a crop

27829. The velocity of drainage water in the barrels of a syphon-aqueduct, is normally limited to

27830. A fall in a canal bed is generally provided, if

27831. According to Khosla, the exist gradient of surface flow

27832. The power transmitted by a belt is maximum when the maximum tension in the belt compared to centrifugal tension is

27833. If the irrigation efficiency is 80%, conveyance losses are 20% and the actual depth of watering is 16 cm, the depth of water required at the canal outlet, is

27834. It has been raining in Kerala ......... six months?

27835. Sodium is kept in ......... liquid?

27836. The useful moisture of soil, is equal to its

27837. Canals taken off from ice-fed perennial rivers, are known

27838. The down stream expansion head of a guide bank is extended to subtend an angle at the centre, equal to

27839. The system of communal electorate was introduced by?

27840. The main cause of silting up a channel,

27841. In north Indian Plains, optimum depth of kor watering for wheat, is

27842. Bed bars in a canal are provided

27843. The most suitable location of a canal head work, is

27844. Useful soil moisture for plant growth, is

27845. A hydraulic structure is designed to withstand

27846. In gravity canals, F.S.L. is

27847. If d1 is the depth of cutting, d2 is the height of the bank from bed level r2 : 1 and r1 : 1 are the slopes in filling and cutting respectively, the horizontal distance n between the bed and bank, is

27848. The structure constructed to allow drainage water to flow under pressure through an inverted syphon below a canal, is called

27849. The optimum depth of kor watering for a rice crop, is

27850. Bligh's theory of seepage assumes

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