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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 557

27851. The Lacey's regime velocity is proportional to

27852. A hydraulic jump is generally formed when a stream moving with

27853. For a unique design of a channel by Kennedy's theory

27854. In a barrage, the crest level is kept

27855. For a standing crop, the consumptive use of water is equal to the depth of water

27856. The state of the soil when plants fail to extract sufficient water for their requirements, is

27857. The field capacity of a soil is 25%, its permanent wilting point is 15% and specific dry unity weight is 1.5. If the depth of root zone of a crop, is 80 cm, the storage capacity of the soil, is

27858. Solution of Laplacian equation in three dimensions of water in a syphon, is done by

27859. The length and width of a meander and also the width of the river, vary roughly as

27860. Regime conditions in a channel may occur if

27861. If the optimum depth of kor watering for a crop is 15.12 cm, the outlet factor for the crop for four week period in hectares per cumec, is

27862. If H and d are the water depth and drop in the bed level at a Sarda fall, the width B of the trapezoidal crest, is given by

27863. According to Bligh's creep theory, percolating water flows along

27864. The width of a meander belt is the transverse distance between

27865. The sensitivity of a rigid module, is

27866. An outlet which maintains a constant discharge irrespective of fluctuation in the water levels of the supplying channel or water course, is known as

27867. Canals constructed for draining off water from water logged areas, are known

27868. A minimum of 90 cm free board is provided if the discharge in the canal is between

27869. If D is the depth of water upstream of the throat above its sill, B is the width of the throat, to achieve critical flow in an open venturi flume, the theoretical maximum flow Q, is

27870. If straight sides of a triangular section of a lined canal with circular bottom of radius R, make an angle θ with horizontal, the area of its cross-section, is

27871. Lacy's regime condition is obtained if

27872. In Montague type fall

27873. If the straight sides of a triangular section of a lined canal with circular bottom of radius D, make an angle θ with horizontal, the hydraulic mean depth is

27874. If water table is comparatively high, the irrigation canal becomes useless, due to

27875. A river is said to be of

27876. A land is said to be water-logged if its soil pores within

27877. In case of a trapezoidal notch fall

27878. Amylase acts upon?

27879. A person known as the 'Man of Destiny'?

27880. The uplift pressure on the roof of an inverted syphon, is maximum when

27881. In rigid module, the discharge

27882. The ratio of the rate of change of discharge of an outlet and parent channel, is known as

27883. Cross regulators in main canals are provided

27884. The ratio of the head recovered to the head put in, is known as

27885. The level of the fioor of a syphon aqueduct can be obtained

27886. A fall which maintains its depth, is

27887. The water face of the guide banks, is protected by

27888. Effective precipitation for a crop may be defined as

27889. If average particle size of the silt in millimetres is m, the Lacey's silt factor f is proportional to

27890. Lane's weighted creep theory assumes

27891. Disposal of extra excavated earth of canals, is utilised to provide a spoil bank on

27892. If A is the area of the surface, x is the depth of its C.G. from the surface of the water and ω is the density of water, then

27893. The acid which fumigates when exposed to air is?

27894. The included angle in Acme thread is

27895. The term ‘glasnost’ was associated with?

27896. According to Lacey, depth of scour in a river depends upon the straightness of the reach. If D is the depth of scour in regime flow in a right angled bend, it is

27897. The width of a dowla is generally kept between 30 to 60 cm and its height above the road level should invariably be more than

27898. The field capacity of a soil depends upon

27899. Finally formed berms in canals are provided for

27900. An outlet is said to be proportional if its flexibility, is

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