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29001. When equal and opposite forces applied to a body, tend to elongate it, the stress so produced, is called

29002. Stress in a beam due to simple bending, is

29003. A cantilever carrying a uniformly distributed load W over its full length is propped at its free end such that it is at the level of the fixed end. The bending moment will be zero at its free end also at

29004. In rectangular columns (cross-section b x h), the core is a

29005. The tensile force required to cause an elongation of 0.045 mm in a steel rod of 1000 mm length and 12 mm diameter, is (where E = 2 x 106 kg/cm2)

29006. According to Unwin's formula, the diameter d of a rivet of plate of thickness t is :

29007. In a bar of large length when held vertically and subjected to a load at its lower end, its own-weight produces additional stress. The maximum stress will be

29008. Which of the following Movements was started by the Indian National Congress during the course of the Second World War and formed a part of our freedom struggle?

29009. Struts are load carrying members of a frame structure which are subjected to

29010. A simply supported wooden beam 150 cm long and having a cross section 16 cm x 24 cm carries a concentrated load, at the centre. If the permissible stress ft = 75 kg/cm2 and fs = 10 kg/cm2 the safe load is

29011. The fastest growing plant is...?

29012. The nature of the stress in horizontal members of the truss shown in below figure may be

29013. A solid cube is subjected to equal normal forces on all its faces. The volumetric strain will be x-times the linear strain in any of the three axes when

29014. Who is the writer of the famous book ‘Oru kudayum kunjupengalum’?

29015. n and j are numbers of members and joints in a frame. It contains redundant members if

29016. The materials which have the same elastic properties in all directions, are called

29017. Which one of the following was the main characteristic of the later Vedic age?

29018. In a three hinged arch, the third hinge is generally kept at

29019. A bending moment may be defined as :

29020. The property of a material by which it can be beaten or rolled into thin plates, is called

29021. If a constant section beam is subjected to a uniform bending moment throughout, its length bends to

29022. A simply supported beam (l + 2a) with equal overhangs (a) carries a uniformly distributed load over the whole length, the B.M. changes sign if

29023. The type of butt joints in common use, is :

29024. For structural analysis, Maxwell's reciprocal theorem can be applied to :

29025. The ratio of the moments of resistance of a solid circular shaft of diameter D and a hollow shaft (external diameter D and internal diameter d), is

29026. A cantilever carries is uniformly distributed load W over its whole length and a force W acts at its free end upward. The net deflection of the free end will be

29027. The moment diagram for a cantilever carrying a concentrated load at its free end, will be

29028. In a shaft rotated by a couple, the shear force varies

29029. The section modulus of a rectangular light beam 25 metres long is 12.500 cm3. The beam is simply supported at its ends and carries a longitudinal axial tensile load of 10 tonnes in addition to a point load of 4 tonnes at the centre. The maximum stress in the bottom most fibre at the mid span section, is

29030. The shape of the bending moment diagram over the length of a beam, carrying a uniformly increasing load, is always

29031. When a rectangular beam is loaded longitudinally, shear develops on

29032. The tension coefficient of any member is

29033. A steel rod of 2 cm diameter and 5 metres long is subjected to an axial pull of 3000 kg. If E = 2.1 x 106, the elongation of the rod will be

29034. If January Ist 1985 was a Tuesday, December 31, 1981 was:?

29035. If the width b and depth d of a beam simply supported with a central load are interchanged, the deflection at the centre of the beam will be changed in the ratio of

29036. In the given below figure, the rivets with maximum stress, are :

29037. The maximum stress intensity due to a suddenly applied load is x-times the stress intensity produced by the load of the same magnitude applied gradually. The value of x is

29038. For the beam shown in below figure, the maximum positive bending moment is nearly equal to negative bending moment when L1 is equal to

29039. Strain energy of a member may be equated to

29040. If the stress in each cross-section of a pillar is equal to its working stress, it is called

29041. A composite member shown in below figure was formed at 25°C and was made of two materials a and b. If the coefficient of thermal expansion of a is more than that of b and the composite member is heated upto 45°C, then

29042. The stress at which extension of a material takes place more quickly as compared to the increase in load, is called

29043. In a square beam loaded longitudinally, shear develops

29044. The appropriate meaning of ‘spill the beans’ is.?

29045. The point of contraflexture occurs in

29046. An open-ended cylinder of radius r and thickness t is subjected to internal pressure p. The Young's modulus for the material is E and Poisson's ratio is μ. The longitudinal strain is

29047. The force in BD of the truss shown in below figure is :

29048. The bending moment at E for the structure shown in below figure, is

29049. A member which is subjected to reversible tensile or compressive stress may fail at a stress lower than the ultimate stress of the material. This property of metal, is called

29050. .........—- the rise of prices, the market place is crowded.?

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