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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 581

29051. Euler's formula states that the buckling load P for a column of length l, both ends hinged and whose least moment of inertia and modulus of elasticity of the material of the column are I and E respectively, is given by the relation

29052. The minister arrived ......... time.?

29053. The stress in the wall of a cylinder in a direction normal to its longitudinal axis, due to a force acting along the circumference, is known as

29054. In a simply supported beam (l + 2a) with equal overhangs (a) and carrying a uniformly distributed load over its entire length, B.M. at the middle point of the beam will be zero if

29055. At either end of a plane frame, maximum number of possible bending moments, are

29056. The principal stresses at a point are 100, 100 and-200 kgf/cm2, the octo hedral shear stress at the point is :

29057. During a tensile test on a ductile material

29058. Rankine-Golden formula accounts for direct as well as buckling stress and is applicable to

29059. Who invented the Steam Engine?

29060. In a three hinged arch, the bending moment will be zero

29061. The ratio of the tensile stress developed in the wall of a boiler in the circumferential direction to the tensile stress in the axial direction, is

29062. The force in the member DE of the truss shown in below figure will be

29063. In a shaft shear stress intensity at a point is not

29064. Along the neutral axis of a simply supported beam

29065. A joint of a frame is subjected to three tensile force P, Q and R equally inclined to each other. If P is 10 tonnes, the other forces will be

29066. The last Mongol invasion of India during the reign of Ala-uddin was led by?

29067. The poet Harisena was the courtier of?

29068. Who is the father of politics?

29069. Numismatics is the study of:

29070. Who is the author of ‘Ashtadhyayi’?

29071. Artillery was used for the first time in India by?

29072. Along the principal plan subjected to maximum principal stress

29073. A diagram which shows the variations of the axial load for all sections of the span of a beam, is called

29074. A member which does not regain its original shape after removed of load producing deformation is said

29075. The bending moment is maximum on a section where shearing force

29076. What is the name of the first satellite sent into space?

29077. A short masonry pillar is 60 cm x 60 cm in cross-section, the core of the pillar is a square whose side is

29078. A rectangular log of wood is floating in water with a load of 100 N at its centre. The maximum shear force in the wooden log is

29079. The following assumption is not true in the theory of pure torsion :

29080. The under mentioned type is simple strain

29081. The ratio of the effective length of a column and minimum radius of gyration of its cross-sectional area, is known

29082. The bending moment at C of a portal frame shown in below figure is

29083. Failure of riverted joints is due to

29084. The maximum load to which a fillet joint of length L can be subjected to, is

29085. Pick up the correct assumption of the theory of simple bending

29086. The neutral axis of a beam cross-section must

29087. If the beam is supported so that there are only three unknown reactive elements at the supports. These can be determined by using the following fundamental equation of statics

29088. In a solid arch, shear force acts

29089. A three hinged arch is loaded with an isolated load 1000 kg at a horizontal distance of 2.5 m from the crown, 1 m above the level of hinges at the supports 10 metres apart. The horizontal thrust is

29090. For keeping the stress wholly compressive the load may be applied on a circular column anywhere within a concentric circle of diameter

29091. A member is balanced at its end by two inclined members carrying equal forces. For equilibrium the angle between the inclined bars must be

29092. For a cantilever with a uniformly distributed load W over its entire length L, the maximum bending moment is

29093. To ascertain the maximum permissible eccentricity of loads on circular columns, the rule generally followed, is

29094. The best known example of th eHoysala style of architecture is found in the temple built at?

29095. The organism in which RNA is the genetic material is?

29096. Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was established in the year?

29097. Beams of uniform strength are preferred to those of uniform section because these are economical for

29098. The moment diagram for a cantilever whose free end is subjected to a bending moment, will be a

29099. Reactions at the supports of a structure can be determined by equating the algebraic sum of

29100. If a steel rod of 20 mm diameter and 5 metres long elongates by 2.275 mm when subjected to an axial pull of 3000 kg, the stress developed, is

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