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30051. At a certain point in a structural member, there are perpendicular stresses 80 N/mm2 and 20 N/mm2, both tensile. What is the equivalent stress in simple tension, according to the maximum principal strain theory ? (Poisson's ratio = 0.25)

30052. Duration along the critical path defines which of the following ? 1. Shortest duration needed 2. Shortest duration permissible 3. Longest duration needed 4. Longest duration permissible Select the correct answer using the code given below :

30053. A cantilever of constant depth carries a uniformly distributed load on the whole span. To make the maximum stress at all sections the same, the breadth of the section at a distance x from the free end should be proportional to

30054. Consider the following parameters related to a rotary intersection : 1. Width of the weaving section. 2. Length of the weaving section. 3. Proportion of weaving traffic. 4. Weaving angle. 5. Width of the carriageway at entry. Capacity is generally expressed in terms of

30055. Consider the following statements : I. The intersection of the first and last ray in funicular diagram is on the line of action of the resultant. II. Intersection of first and last ray in polar diagram gives the magnitude of the resultant. Of these statements :

30056. What is value of stress at the base CC for the bar shown in the given figure ?

30057. The frame shown in the given figure has

30058. Following data are given for two soil samples A and B : Sample A : Void ratio = 1, total volume = 1 m3 Sample B : Void ratio = 2, total volume = 1 m3. The two samples are mixed and compacted in a mould to a volume of 1 m3. Which one of the following figures correctly indicates the porosity of the compacted soil ?

30059. The laboratory tests on a sample yielded the following results : Plasticity index : 32 % Liquidity index : - 0.15, Activity number: 1.58. Which of the following inferences can be drawn ? 1. The soil is very stiff. 2. The soil is medium soft. 3. The soil is highly plastic. 4. The soil is medium plastic. 5. The soil is active. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30060. The compacting factor test of cement concrete determines its

30061. The depreciation charges for a machine are thirty paise per working hour. The machine has a scrap value of Rs 2, 000 and a working hour average life of 24000 hours. What is the purchase price of the machine ?

30062. Denehy's groyne is a special type of groyne which is :

30063. As a natural material, timber is which one of the following ?

30064. Consider the implicit details between, before and after successive steps in/within the order while doing time computations on a CPM network. (FP => Forward Pass; BP => Backward Pass; LET => Late Event Time; EET => Early Event Time; TF => Total Float; PD => Project Duration; AD => Activity Duration) The correct sequence of computation would be

30065. A retaining wall 8 m high with a smooth vertical back retains a clay back fill with C' = 15 kN/m2, φ = 15° and γ = 18 kN/ m3. (Given sin 15° ≅ 0.25). The pressure at the top will, nearly, be equal to

30066. In a compression member, plate element may buckle locally before the entire member fails. To avoid this, which of the following recommendations are made ? 1. Thickness of members is taken in terms of lengths of compression members 2. Length of element is increased 3. Length of member is increased 4. Outstand is decreased Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

30067. The deflection at the free end of a cantilever of rectangular cross-section due to certain loading of 0.8 cm. If the depth of the section is doubled keeping the width the same, then the deflection at the free end due to the same loading will be

30068. Self-purification of running streams may be due to

30069. At a point in a strained material, if two mutually perpendicular tensile stresses of 2000 kg/cm2 and 1000 kg/cm2 are acting, then the intensity of tangential stress on a plane inclined at 15° to the axis of the minor stress will be :

30070. The rich source of energy which never causes atmospheric pollution is?

30071. The combustible material at the tip of a safety match stick is?

30072. How are concrete mixers specified ?

30073. In photogrammetric surveying, the image of the top of the hill is 90 mm, from the principal point of the photograph. If the elevation of the top of the hill is 500 m and the flying height is 5000 m above datum, then the relief displacement is

30074. The phenomenon of decreased resistance of a material due to reversal of stress is called

30075. A mild steel bar is in three parts, each 20 cm long. The diameters of parts AB, BC and CD are 2 cm, 1 cm and 3 cm respectively. The bar is subjected to an axial pull of 4t as shown in the given figure. If E = 2 x 106 kg/cm2 and the elongations in the three parts of the bar are Δ1, Δ2 and Δ3 respectively, then the ratio of the greatest to the least of these elongations will be

30076. At the same mean velocity, what is the ratio of head loss per unit length for a sewer pipe flowing full to that for the same pipe flowing half full ?

30077. Gigantism is caused by the excessive production of ......... in childhood?

30078. Which of the following generals of Alauddin Khilji conquered Deccan a number of times?

30079. Consider the following statement: High early strength of cement is obtained as a result of 1. fine grinding. 2. decreasing the lime content 3. burning at higher temperatures 4. increasing the quantity of gypsum. Of these statements :

30080. A prismatic beam is shown in the figure. Consider the following statements : 1. The structure is unstable. 2. The bending moment is zero at supports and internal hinge. 3. It is mechanism. 4. It is statically indeterminate. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

30081. The moment of inertia of a given rectangular area is minimum about

30082. If the efficiencies of BOD removal of first-stage and second-stage trickling filters are each 65.0%, then what is the overall BOD removal efficiency of these filters ?

30083. Which one of the following tests can be carried out at the construction site to determine the dynamic elastic properties of soil ?

30084. The organizer of young Italy Movement .........?

30085. Consider the following statements : A high lime content in a composite cement-lime mortor results in 1. slow hardening. 2. quick setting. 3. weaker mortar. Of these statements :

30086. Seasoning of timber is required to

30087. Four vertical columns of the same material, height and weight have the same end condition. The buckling load will be the largest for a column having the cross-section of a/an

30088. Secret Police force of Hitler was known as?

30089. A cantilever beam of span 4 m and cross-sectional are 0.3 m wide and 0.4 m deep is subjected to a concentrated load of 10 kN at the free end. Neglecting self-weight, the maximum bending stress at a section 2 m from the free end will be

30090. The Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports is located at?

30091. Consider the following statements about concrete sleepers : 1. They improve the track modulus. 2. They have good scrap value. 3. They render transportation easy 4. They maintain the gauge quite satisfactorily. Of these statements :

30092. When are dropman holes provided in a sewerage system ?

30093. Consider the following statements : For the manufacture of good quality bricks it is essential to 1. use a reverberatory kiln. 2. blend the soil with clay or sand as deemed appropriate. 3. knead the soil in a ghani. 4. temper the soil in a pug mill. Of these statements;

30094. Which Mughal ruler was the most secular in outlook?

30095. Consider the following statements in case of impulse turbine : 1. The pressure and velocity both change as the water flows through the turbine. 2. Pressure throughout remains atmospheric and the velocity alone changes. 3. All the available energy is converted into kinetic energy. 4. Water is admitted over the entire circumference of the runner. 5. Water is admitted only through the nozzle. Which of these statements are correct ?

30096. Non-disposal of solid waste may cause the spread of

30097. What is the steepest gradient permissible on a 2° curve for B.G. line having using gradient of 1 in 200 ?

30098. A cantilever beam of uniform EI has span equal to 'L'. An upward force W acts at the mid-point of the beam and a downward force P acts at the free end. In order that the deflection at the free end is zero, the relation between P and W should be

30099. In what context is the slump test performed ?

30100. In trigonometric levelling, if the horizontal distance between the instrument and the object is 3088 m, the coefficient of refraction is 0.07 and R sin 1" = 30.88 m, then the refraction correction in angular measure would be

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