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30001. Consider the following factors pertaining to flow through soil: 1. Hydraulic gradient 2. Grain size 3. Void ratio 4. Cross-sectional area of the sample. Of these, the factors affecting permeability include

30002. In drawing AOA networks and making time computations, the following processes are involved : 1. Activity listing 2. Work breakdown structure 3. Activity time allotment 4. Consideration of available resources for each activity 5. Activity dependencies 6. Float computations 7. Backward path computation 8. Project duration 9. Forward path computation What is the correct sequence of the processes given above ?

30003. Timber can be made more fire resistant by

30004. Which one of the following is correct in respect of the influence line for the bending moment at one-fourths of the span from left support of a prismatic beam simply supported at ends ?

30005. Consider the following statements : In a uni-dimensional stress system, the principal plane is defined as one on which the 1. shear stress is zero. 2. normal stress is zero. 3. shear stress is maximum. 4. normal stress is maximum. Of these statements :

30006. Which one of the following pairs relating to flumes carrying open channel flow is correctly matched ?

30007. A cylindrical vessel with a constant plane area of 1 m2 is rotated about its vertical axis such that the liquid inside the vessel is about to spill. If the height of the vessel is 2 m and the height of the paraboloid at 1 m, then the volume (in m3) of the liquid in the vessel will be

30008. The commission which enquired about Mangalapuram Aeroplane accident?

30009. Consider the following statements with reference to oxidation ponds : 1. They require high initial investments 2. They have low operational cost 3. They are also called stabilization ponds. Which of the statements given above are correct ?

30010. The length, coefficient of thermal expansion and Young's modulus of bar 'A' are twice that of bar 'B'. If the temperature of both bars is increased by the same amount while preventing any expansion, then the ratio of stress developed in bar A to that in bar B will be

30011. A constant angle arch dam when compared to a constant radius arch dam utilizes concrete quantity of about

30012. I ......... prefer coffee.?

30013. In a simply supported wooden beam under uniformly distributed load, a hole has to be made in the breadthwise direction at mid-span to provide a pipeline. From structural strength point of view, it would be advisable to have the hole made at

30014. The water supply to a house begins with the connection of the service pipe with the municipal water mains. The connections comprises : 1. Stopcock 2. Goose neck 3. Ferrule 4. Water meter The correct statement of these connections is :

30015. A point load applied at shear centre induces :

30016. Cross sections of two beams A (600mm x 200mm) and B (800mm x 60mm) are shown in the given figure. Both the beams have the same material. By how many times is the beam A stronger than the beam B in resisting bending ?

30017. Viewing watershed as a system, which one of the following assumptions is made in the unit graph theory ?

30018. Following statements certain to the position of Sun when it lies over the First Point of Aries : 1. It's hour angle is zero. 2. It's right ascension is zero. 3. It's declination is zero. Of these statements :

30019. The bearing capacity factors Nc, Nq and Nr are functions of:

30020. Budgeting with Bar chart is a tool to find

30021. The slenderness ratio of lacing bars should not exceed :

30022. A three-hinged semicircular arch of radius R carries a uniformly distributed load W per unit run over the whole span. The horizontal thrust is

30023. The acceleration components of a fluid particle are denoted as 1. local tangential acceleration. 2. convective tangential acceleration. 3. local normal acceleration. 4. convective normal acceleration. In a curved nozzle fitted to the end of straight pipeline carrying water under variable head, the acceleration component that are present would include

30024. In the truss shown in the given figure, the forces in the members AB and BC will be respectively (plus denotes tension)

30025. Consider the following statements : In the beam shown in the given figure, for all positions of load W (except x = 0) 1. bending moment is maximum at B 2. bending moment is maximum under load 3. deflection is zero at A 4. deflection is zero at B Of these statements :

30026. In a three-layered soil, water flows parallel to stratification. The thickness of the middle layer is twice that of top and bottom layer. The coefficient of permeability of middle layer (2K) is twice that of top and bottom layer (K). What is the average coefficient of permeability for this flow ?

30027. Which type of brick masonry bond is provided for heavy loads on masonry ?

30028. In the set up shown in the above figure, assuming the specific weight of water as 10, 000 N/m3, the pressure difference between the points A and B will be

30029. The ratio of the "standard error of a single observation of unit weight" to the standard error of the arithmetic mean of 'n' observation all of unit weight, will be

30030. If the azimuths of the two tangents to a circular curve of radius 100 m are due north and due east, then the area bounded by the two tangents and the circular curve will be

30031. What is the type of soil structure having arrangement of soil particles with a 'face to face' or parallel orientation generally recognized as

30032. In the case of a three-pinned parabolic arch carrying a uniformly distributed load on the entire span, then bending moment will be

30033. To make certain that the backfill material is more pervious than the soil to be drained, the relationship used in

30034. A perfect plane frame having n number of members and j number of joints should satisfy the relation

30035. Which of the following determination are NOT necessary for raw water from a lake for use as source of supply of water for boiler-feed ? 1. Turbidity 2. Bacterial count 3. Iron 4. Hardness. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30036. A beam of square section of side 'a' is plane in the following way : Case I: with two sides horizontal Case II: with a diagonal horizontal The ratio of the section modulus of Case I that of Case II is

30037. Consider the following statements : 1. Tests on cement paste to determine initial and final setting times are done at normal consistency condition. 2. Low heat cement has a high percentage to tricalcium aluminate. 3. High early strength portland cement contains a larger percentage of tricalcium silicate and a lower percentage of dicalcium silicate. Which of these statements are correct ?

30038. What is the vertical deflection of joint C of the frame shown in figure ?

30039. Panxside is the constituent of:

30040. In consolidation testing, curve fitting method is used to determine

30041. Consider the following types of soil tests : 1. California bearing ratio 2. Consolidation 3. Unconfined compression The soil tests required to be done in the case of undisturbed samples include

30042. A cantilever beam AB, fixed at A and carrying a load W at the free end B, is found to deflect by δ at the mid-point of AB. The deflection of B due to a load W/2 at the mid-point will be

30043. A plan of an area drawn with the original scale of 1 cm = 10 m, has shrunk such that a line, originally 15 cm long on the plan, measures now 14.5 cm. The shrunk scale is given by 1 cm equal to

30044. In a tree, the cambium layer is situated between :

30045. Two closed thin vessels, one cylindrical and the other spherical with equal internal diameter and wall thickness are subjected to equal internal fluid.pressure. The ratio of hope stresses in the cylindrical to that of spherical vessels is

30046. Who is the first woman won the medal in Olympics?

30047. For a partially saturated soil, Δu the increase in pore water pressure, when no drainage is permitted, is expressed as (where A and B are Skempton's pore pressure parameters and Δσ1 and Δσ3 are major and minor principal stress increments)

30048. Chalukya ruler, Pulakesin II defeated?

30049. A compound bar consisting of material A and B is tightly secured at the ends. The coefficients of thermal expansion of A is more than that of B. When the temperature is increased the stresses induced will be

30050. Couple M is applied at C on a simply supported beam AB. What is the maximum shear force for the beam ?

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