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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 612

30601. A commonly used handpump is the

30602. What is the ratio of the forces in the members AB, BE and AE of the pin-joined truss shown in the figure?

30603. A sewer, 1000 mm in diameter is laid at a slope to obtain a velocity of 0.8 m/s when running full. Assuming Manning's n as constant, what is the velocity in this sewer if it is running half full.

30604. For the network shown in the above figure (the number on each arrow denotes the time duration of activity in days), the earliest star time, in days for activity 5-6 is

30605. A clay layer 5 m thick in field takes 300 days to attain 50% consolidation with condition of double drainage. If the same clay layer is underlain by hard rock then the time taken to attain 50% consolidation will be

30606. Two forces P = 6 N and Q = 10 N act on a particle and their lines of action are inclined to each other at an angle of 60°. What is the magnitude of the third force R which will keep the particle in equilibrium ?

30607. The three-hinged arch shown in the given figure will have value of H as

30608. What is 5 days 20°C BOD equal to ?

30609. Consider the following statements : In solid waste management 1. density separation of solid wastes can be accomplished by air classifiers. 2. iron recovery from solid wastes can be done by magnetic separators. 3. aluminium separation from solid wastes can be accomplished by eddy current separators. Which of the statements given above are correct ?

30610. Consider the following statements : 1. Book value is the unamortized cost of the asset as it still appears on the accounting books of the business. 2. Termination of economic life implies disposal of the equipment. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

30611. A person of height 1.65 m standing on a cliff of height 20 m above the water level on sea-shore can sight a ship at a distance of about

30612. Which of the following characteristic features may be used while plotting a contour plan ? 1. Two contour lines having the same elevation cannot unite the continue as one line. 2. Contour lines closed together indicate a gentle slope. 3. Contour lines cross a valley line at right angles. Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

30613. The radial moment at the boundary of a simply supported circular slab of radius R, subjected to a uniformly distributed load of w will be

30614. Soundness test of cement is done to determine its

30615. For a non-concurrent force system to be in equilibrium

30616. The displacement method is also referred to as which one of the following ?

30617. If the CBR value obtained at 5 mm penetration is higher than that at 2.5 mm, then the test is repeated for checking ; and if the check test reveals a similar trend, then the CBR value is to be reported as the

30618. If a descending gradient of 1 in 25 meets an ascending gradient of 1 in 40, then the length of valley curve required for a headlight sight distance of 100 m will be

30619. In rock masses reduction in strength occurs due to the presence of relatively large quantities of

30620. What is the zone where fish life might tend to progressively dwindle when waste water, is discharged into a river, called ?

30621. Which one of the following states of field compaction of sand deposit truly represents the corrected standard penetration test value : N (corrected) = 27 ?

30622. A river is the source of water for water supply to a town. Its water is very turbid and polluted. The correct sequence of steps for treating the river water would be :

30623. What is the probable maximum precipitation (PMP) ?

30624. Westergaard's analysis for stress distribution beneath loaded area is applicable to

30625. Which of the following variations of magnetic declination are correctly matched ? 1. Diurnal variation..........Variation whose time period varies from 100-350 years 2. Annual variation.........Annual rate of change of secular variation 3. Secular variaiion..........Variation of declination periodic in character 4. Irregular variation.........Caused due to magnetic storms in earth's magnetic field Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30626. In order to find the resultant of a system of coplanar parallel system of forces, the correct sequence of the graphical procedure to be followed is

30627. Given that, t = thickness of the plates, b = width of the plates, d = diameter of the rivets, n = number of rivets in a line, σt = permissible tensile stress. The tearing strength of the joint is given by

30628. Consider the following statements pertaining to a pile group and a single pile at failure : 1. In loose and medium dense sands, the failure load per pile in a group will generally be greater than the failure load for a single pile. 2. In cohesive soils, the failure load per pile in a group will be greater than failure load for a single pile. 3. For piles driven in dense sands, the failure load per pile in a group is greater than the failure load for a single pile. 4. When the pile spacing is greater than 10 times the pile diameter, the failure loads per pile in a group and forly same in both sands and clays. Of these statements :

30629. A surge tank is provided in a hydropower scheme to

30630. If the settlement of a single pile in sand is denoted by S and that of a group of N identical piles (each pile carrying the same load) by Sg, then the ratio Sg/S will

30631. For the analysis of flow in a water distribution network, the site engineers prefer the following head loss equation :

30632. Consider the following factors : 1. Period of construction, winter/summer 2. Degree of foundation roughness 3. Slab thickness 4. Reinforced/unreinforced Which of these factors are considered as per IRC for obtaining the maximum expansion joint spacing in rigid pavements ?

30633. The concentration of hardness producing cations may be estimated using which one of the following ?

30634. A vehicle is moving up on an inclined plane. The vehicle has rear-wheel drive. Force of friction on the rear wheels will be in a direction

30635. Consider the following statements : In the case of close coiled spring carrying an axial loading the spring is subjected to : 1. torsion 2. axial force 3. bending moment the effect of which can be neglected. Of these statements :

30636. Water is a good solvent of ionic salts because?

30637. Which one of the following equations correctly gives the relationship between the specific graivity of soil grains (G) and the hydraulic gradient (i) to initiate 'quick' condition in a sand having a void ratio of 0.5 ?

30638. What is the bending moment at A for the bent column shown in the D figure ?

30639. Consider the following statements : The principle of superpositions is applied to : 1. Linear elastic bodies 2. Bodies subjected to small deformations. Of these statements :

30640. In which type of lakes, does a perfect ecological equilibrium among the producers, decomposers and consumer groups of organisms exist ?

30641. A soil deposit has three layers having same thickness each but the permeabilities of the layers are in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 4 from top to bottom. What is the ratio of average permeability in the horizontal direction to that in the vertical direction ?

30642. The three-point problem in hydrographic surveying considers the data on the location of three shore signals A, B and C and the angles α and β subtended by AP, BP and CP at the boat P; and then proceeds to plot the position of P. The problem may become indeterminate is special cases when

30643. Horizontal stiffeners are needed in plate girders if the thickness of web is(where d = distance between the flanges and L = span)

30644. What is the full width of the land aquired before finalizing highway alignment, known as ?

30645. What is the superelevation for a horizontal highway curve of radius 500 m and speed 100 kmph in mixed traffic condition ?

30646. Which one of the following is a compression member ?

30647. In the riveted connection shown in the given figure, the rivets subjected to maximum stress would include

30648. An elementary structural frame ABC consists of a vertical member BC and a cantilever beam AB which carries a load P at the free end A, as shown in the given figure. The bending moment diagram consists of

30649. Approximate ratio of the permeabilities of two clean soils having D10 = 0.6 mm and D10 = 0.3 mm is

30650. Who was known as ‘The Magician of Menlo Park’?

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