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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 611

30551. The nuclear magnetic resonance spectra lies within:

30552. Grid lines on a mapsheet can be plotted mechanically by means of a

30553. The isotones contains the same number of:

30554. A municipal sewage has BOD5 of 200 mg/l. It is proposed to treat it and dispose off into a marine environment. For what minimum efficiency should the sewage treatment plant be designed ?

30555. Alkyl halides may be prepared from alcohols by the action of:

30556. As the state of strain of an element of dense sand changes from plain strain to trivial condition, the effective angle of internal friction :

30557. Intermediate in a percyclic reaction is:

30558. The force in member 1 of the truss shown in the given figure is

30559. Which of the following can act as a phase transfer catalyst?

30560. High alumina cement is produced by fusing together a mixture of

30561. A species which can both absorb and transfer rediant energy for activation of the reactant molecule is called:

30562. Which of the following relates to an economic grouping of developing countries formed in 1990?

30563. Ziesels method is used for the estimation of:

30564. Consider the following statements : Ventilation of sewer lines is necessary to 1. avoid building up to sewer gases. 2. ensure atmospheric pressure in the waste water surface. 3. ensure the safety of sewer maintenance people. 4. provide oxidation facility to sewage. Which of these statements are correct ?

30565. Shift of Absorption to longer wavelength is called:

30566. For fish habitat in a river, the minimum dissolved oxygen required is

30567. A clay soil specimen when tested in unconfined condition gave an unconfined compressive strength of 100 kN/m2. A specimen of the same clay with the same initial condition is subjected to a UU triaxial test under a cell pressure of 100 kN/m2. The axial stress (in kN/m2) at failure would be

30568. A propped cantilever of span 4 m is fixed at A and propped at B. The beam carries a u.d.l. of 1 t/m over the entire span. The reaction at B is

30569. The spacing of tile drains to relieve water-logged land is directly proportional to the

30570. Four bolts share the load P as shown in the figure. The shearc strength of bolt is 30 kN and tension strength of bolt is 40 kN. Which one of the following is the value of P ?

30571. The object of chain and cross-staff survey is to 1. locate the boundaries of an area. 2. plot the figure to a scale. 3. find the area of the plot. 4. find the reduced levels of the plot. Which of the above statements is/are correct ?

30572. A pipeline of 5 cm diameter is reduced abruptly to 2.5 cm diameter at a section to enable measurement of the water flowing through it. The loss of head at the contraction is 0.5 m. Given that, in metric units, 2 g = 4.43 and g = 3.132, the mean velocity in the reduced section will be

30573. A clay layer, 5 m thick undergoes 50% consolidation in 5 years when subjected to an average pressure increase of 50 kN/m2. If the clay layer were 10 m thick, in what period would it undergo 50% consolidation for the same pressure ?

30574. Which one of the following is the most preferred wood for high quality and durable furniture ?

30575. For ornamental work, which type(s) of bricks is/ are preferred ? 1. Silica bricks 2. Silica lime bricks 3. Bricks produced in autoclaves Select the correct answer using the code given below :

30576. In case of footing on the surface of shallow depth is very dense sand, which one of the following types of failure is likely to occur?

30577. For one cubic metre of brick masonry, the number of modular bricks needed is

30578. To produce low heat cements, it is necessary to reduce the compound

30579. The probability that the load on a scaffolding will exceed the design load of 3 tonnes is 0.15. At the same time, the probability that the strength of the scaffolding will be more than 3 tonnes is 0.85. The probability that the scaffolding will fail is

30580. The dry density of a soil is 1.5 g/cc. If the saturation water content were 50%, then its saturated density and submerged density would, respectively, be

30581. Consider the following soil parameters and conditions : 1. Drainage conditions 2. Thickness of layer 3. Initial void ratio 4. Over-burden pressure The magnitude of settlement is influenced by,

30582. A concentrated load acting on the surface of a soil produces a stress of 19.1 kPa at a depth of 1 m below it. Using Boussinesq's expression, the stress at 2 m depth is

30583. Consider the following statements : Seasoning of timber results is 1. increased strength 2. increased durability. 3. reduced resilience. Of these statements :

30584. Gypsum is added to Portland cement during its manufacture so that it may

30585. If the velocity potential φ = 4 xy, what are the x and y components of velocity at the point(1, 4) ?

30586. Unit cost of any item of work can be found by using

30587. Which one of the following different types of submerged soils is susceptible to liquefaction under earthquake shocks ?

30588. In the given figure, σ1 and the σ2 and maximum and minimum principal stresses. In order that the resultant stress on the plane AB is the value of θ should be

30589. Eutrophication of water bodies is caused by the

30590. For laminar flow through a circular tube, the average velocity at a section is

30591. In the figure shows, the effective pressure at C is given by (symbols have the usual meanings)

30592. Consider the following assumptions : 1. Failure occurs on a plane surface. 2. Wall is smooth but not necessarily vertical. 3. Failure wedge is a rigid body. Coulomb's theory of earth pressure is based on assumptions

30593. A 2-metre diameter water pipe is required to withstand a 200 meter head of water. Assuming the limiting tensile stress for the pipe material to be 200 kg/cm2, the minimum thickness of the material of the pipe to be used will have to be

30594. In the preliminary treatment of wastewater, skimming tanks are often included in the treatment scheme. Various features of skimming tanks are that these : 1. can remove general floating matter. 2. can remove oily and greasy matter. 3. have detention time of 30 min. 4. employ compressed air blown through diffusers. Which of these statements are correct ?

30595. Consider the following statements : 1. A dummy activity is artificially introduced in a network when necessary. 2. A dummy activity consumes some time. 3. A dummy activity is represented by a dotted arrow. 4. A dummy activity must necessarily be introduced in every network. Which of the above statements are correct ?

30596. Consider the following stages in the manufacturing of bricks : 1. Weathering 2. Moulding 3. Tempering The correct sequence of these stages in the manufacturing of the bricks, is

30597. What is the predominating coagulation mechanism for raw water having high turbidity and high alkalinity?

30598. The momentum correction factor (β) is used to account for

30599. Where is d'Alembert's principle employed ?

30600. The hoop stress in a dome subjected to uniformly distributed load

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