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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 632

31601. Lead acetate test in sewer manhole is done to test the presence of

31602. Dried sewage after treatment is used as

31603. The use of coarse screens for the disposal of sewage, may be dispensed with by

31604. Sewer pipes are designed for maximum discharge with 25% to 33% vacant cross-sectional area for

31605. 5 days-biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) is taken at a temperature of

31606. Water content of sewage is about

31607. Imhoff cone is used to measure

31608. For a grit chamber, if the recommended velocity of flow is 0.2 m/sec and detention period is 2 minutes, the length of the tank, is

31609. A nuisance is experienced in diluting water if dilution factor is less than

31610. Traps

31611. For estimating the peak run off the rational formula Q = 0.0278 KpA was evolved by

31612. 3.0 ml of raw sewage is diluted to 300 ml. The D.O. concentration of the diluted sample at the beginning of the test was 8 mg/l. After 5 day-incubation at 20°C, the DO. concentration was 5 mg/l. The BOD of raw sewerage is

31613. The arrangement made for passing the sewer line below an obstruction below the hydraulic gradient lines called

31614. The angle subtended by the surface of sewer water with partial flow, at sewer centre is 120°, the depth of sewerage is

31615. Imhoff cone is used to determine

31616. The sewage discharge in a detritus tank of a treatment plant is 576 litres/sec with flow velocity of 0.2 m/sec. If the ratio of width to depth is 2, the depth is

31617. The sewer which received discharge from two or more main sewers, is known as

31618. A well oxidized sewage contains nitrogen mainly as

31619. A safety lamp when inserted in the upper portion of a manhole causes flames. It indicates the presence of

31620. Assertion (A) : A free board of 0.3 m is provided above the top sewage line in septic tanks. Reason (R) : It helps to accommodate the scum in the septic tank.

31621. Drop manholes at the junctions of sewer lines, are provided if

31622. The most effective arrangement for diverting excess storm water into a natural drainage, is

31623. Large diameter sewers subjected to external pressure alone, are reinforced

31624. In sewage, the solids in mg per litre is

31625. In a residential colony, sewers of diameters 100 mm, 150 mm and 225 mm were laid with a gradient 1 in 120. Which portion of the sewage system does not choke in due course of time

31626. If D is the diameter of upper circular portion, the overall depth of New Egg shaped sewer section, is

31627. During putrifaction process of sewage the gas given off, is

31628. A circular sewer section is preferred to because

31629. Assertion (A) : The minimum self cleansing velocity in the sewer, at least once a day, must be generated. Reason (R) : If certain deposition takes place and is not removed, it obstructs free flow and causes further deposition leading to complete blocking of the sewer.

31630. If the grit in grit chambers is 4.5 million litres per day, its cleaning is done

31631. The gas evolved in sewers is

31632. The maximum depth of sedimentation tanks, is kept

31633. The reduced levels of the string at the consecutive sight rails A and B are 203.575 m, 203.475 m respectively. If the difference of their R.D.s is 10 m, the gradient of the sewer line is

31634. The detention time (t) of a settling tank, may be defined as the time required for

31635. Discrete or granular particles change their

31636. For a peak discharge of 0.0157 cumec, with a velocity of 0.9 m/sec, the diameter of the sewer main, is

31637. For design of sewers, percentage of sewage discharge is assumed

31638. In case of sewer lines

31639. The sewerage system originates from

31640. In sewers the velocity of flow should not be

31641. If a paper moistened with lead acetate for five minutes when placed in manhole turns black. The sewer certainly contains

31642. The design period of sewage treatment works in normally

31643. The porosity of sediments in sewer pipes, is usually taken as

31644. In septic tanks, decomposition of organic bacteria, is done by

31645. The stone ware sewers

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