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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 848

42401. Process of assembling signatures by placing one on another is:

42402. The popular paperback or pocket book is an example of which type of binding:

42403. Type Height:

42404. Scanner’s sharpness is measured in terms of:

42405. Device used for measuring thickness of blanket:

42406. A smeared or double image area on the printed sheet is known as:

42407. Lithography is invented in the year:

42408. Union Government signed USD 350 million loan agreement with which financial organisation for road projects in Madhya Pradesh?

42409. Pick out the roller which relate to flexographic printing process:

42410. An array of parallel rectangular bars and spaces that together represent a single data element or character particularly symbiology

42411. Name the paper characteristic which contributes to actual colour image for colour work:

42412. A set of blank pages prepared to show the size,shape,form and general appearance of a printed piece:

42413. Name the roller which touches the Plate cylinder in an offset machine:

42414. RIP stand for:

42415. Nip roller is associated with which type of machine:

42416. Perfect binding is also known as:

42417. Brochures commonly used for:

42418. Wire stitching machines are used for:

42419. In printing facsimile stands for:

42420. Latent image:

42421. The material in which the image is printed commonly known as:

42422. Rendering means:

42423. Who was appointed the Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University?

42424. Spectrophotometer is a device used for measuring:

42425. Name the property of a substance to flow:

42426. Method to find out the number of pages in a printed copy from a given manuscript:

42427. The SI unit of luminous intensity is:

42428. Solutions which contain Hydrogen and Oxygen combined to form hydroxyl ions which have a negative electrical charge:

42429. In P-type semiconductor the majority carrier is:

42430. A branch of Science,which deals with the properties and behavior of liquids,is called:

42431. Name the boards which usually associated with carton work,but heavier grades are also widely used for the better quality buildings:

42432. Paste inks are used in the ----------printing process.

42433. The additive which is used during printing ink formulations in order to improve the scuff or rub resistance of printed surface is:

42434. Who won the 2017 Miami Open Men's Singles title?

42435. Printing on both sides of a sheet,with the tail becoming the lead edge for the second colour by turning the pile for the second pass through the press is referred as:

42436. The Ntangki National Park is located in which state??

42437. After the Mauryas the most important kingdom in Deccan and Cetentral India was that of?

42438. The Union Government has sanctioned Rs 98.35 Cr for the development of a Heritage Circuit in which Indian state?

42439. In layout,two or more connected letters on a same type body is known as:

42440. Who has been chosen for the 2017 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize?

42441. Name the recommended file format to save art(vector)image:

42442. The 19th edition of Commonwealth Forestry Conference has started in which state?

42443. Name the printing method in which the dry ink is used:

42444. Who of the following won the Leon Challenger Tour tennis tournament's Men's Doubles trophy?

42445. Pre-sensitized plate coating material is:

42446. Which union minister has launched PowerTex India scheme to boost powerloom sector?

42447. Internal curve between the serif and main stroke in a type:

42448. Which country became the new member of South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) program?

42449. Name of the tool used to view dots in a photograph:

42450. Vipul, an Indian Foreign Service Officer has been appointed as the new Indian consul-general in which popular Arab city?

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