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45701. There should be one condition within the WHERE clause for each pair of tables being joined.

45702. Subqueries can be nested multiple times.

45703. The code to create triggers and routines is stored in only one location and is administered centrally.

45704. A transaction is the complete set of closely related update commands that must all be done, or none of them done, for the database to remain valid.

45705. When AUTOCOMMIT is set on, changes will be made automatically at the end of each SQL statement.

45706. The UNION clause is used to combine the output from multiple queries together into a single result table.

45707. ROLLBACK WORK asks SQL to empty the log file.

45708. The most frequently used relational operation, which brings together data from two or more related tables into one resultant table, is called an equi-join.

45709. Outer join is the same as equi-join, except one of the duplicate columns is eliminated in the result table.

45710. A correlated subquery is where the outer query depends on data from the inner query.

45711. A function returns one value and has only output parameters.

45712. With the UNION clause, each query involved must output the same number of columns, and they must be UNION compatible.

45713. What type of join is needed when you wish to include rows that do not have matching values?

45714. What type of join is needed when you wish to return rows that do have matching values?

45715. Which of the following is true concerning a procedure?

45716. A CASE SQL statement is which of the following?

45717. Which of the following statements is true concerning routines and triggers?

45718. A’Clutch spring compressor’ compresses------------of the clutch while dismantling.

45719. As piston moves towards TDC in compression stroke:

45720. The stroke in which both the valves are closed is:

45721. To further smoothen out the flow of power engines have:

45722. To convert the reciprocating motion to rotary motion the engines have:

45723. The transaction log includes which of the following?

45724. Which of the following could cause data to be unavailable?

45725. A shared lock allows which of the following types of transactions to occur?

45726. Locking may cause which of the following problems?

45727. Performance analysis and tuning is which of the following?

45728. Which of the following is the preferred way to recover a database after a transaction in progress terminates abnormally?

45729. Which of the following is true concerning open-source DBMS?

45730. Concurrency control is important for which of the following reasons?

45731. Which of the following is the preferred way to recover a database after a system failure?

45732. A data warehouse administrator is concerned with which of the following?

45733. To build a data warehouse and develop business intelligence applications, it is important that an organization build and maintain a comprehensive repository.

45734. Failure to control confidentiality may lead to loss of competitiveness.

45735. Authorization tables contain highly sensitive data and should be protected by stringent security rules.

45736. A transaction log shows before and after images of records that have been modified by transactions.

45737. The greatest threat to business security is often internal rather than external.

45738. Information repositories are replacing data dictionaries in many organizations.

45739. Mirrored databases are almost always provided in high-availability systems.

45740. Databases are not the property of a single function or individual within the organization.

45741. Queries that do full table scans should be avoided.

45742. The restore/rerun technique involves reprocessing the day's transactions up to the point of failure.

45743. Backward recovery is used to reverse the changes made by transactions that have aborted, or terminated abnormally.

45744. A disaster recovery plan does not need to include the shipment of database backups to other sites.

45745. With concurrent processing involving updates, a database with concurrency control will be compromised due to interference between users.

45746. Data modeling and database design are key responsibilities of data and data base administration.

45747. Incorrect data is easy to detect.

45748. Poor data administration can lead to which of the following?

45749. A traditional data administrator performs which of the following roles?

45750. If both data and database administration exist in an organization, the database administrator is responsible for which of the following?

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