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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 941

47051. Lichens are formed due to the symbiotic association of?

47052. How many 1-of-16 decoders are required for decoding a 7-bit binary number?

47053. What is called when heat transform from one place to another by movement?

47054. The implementation of simplified sum-of-products expressions may be easily implemented into actual logic circuits using all universal ________ gates with little or no increase in circuit complexity. (Select the response for the blank space that will BEST make the statement true.)

47055. Which of the following statements accurately represents the two BEST methods of logic circuit simplification?

47056. For the device shown here, assume the D input is LOW, both S inputs are HIGH, and the input is HIGH. What is the status of the outputs?

47057. The wedge-shaped units forming the courses of an arch is-----------

47058. As a technician you are confronted with a TTL circuit board containing dozens of IC chips. You have taken several readings at numerous IC chips, but the readings are inconclusive because of their erratic nature. Of the possible faults listed, select the one that most probably is causing the problem.

47059. Which gate is best used as a basic comparator?

47060. The device shown here is most likely a ________.

47061. In VHDL, macrofunctions is/are:

47062. Which of the following expressions is in the product-of-sums form?

47063. Which of the following is an important feature of the sum-of-products form of expressions?

47064. For the device shown here, assume the D input is LOW, both S inputs are LOW, and the input is LOW. What is the status of the outputs?

47065. An output gate is connected to four input gates; the circuit does not function. Preliminary tests with the DMM indicate that the power is applied; scope tests show that the primary input gate has a pulsing signal, while the interconnecting node has no signal. The four load gates are all on different ICs. Which instrument will best help isolate the problem?

47066. The binary numbers A = 1100 and B = 1001 are applied to the inputs of a comparator. What are the output levels?

47067. A logic probe is placed on the output of a gate and the display indicator is dim. A pulser is used on each of the input terminals, but the output indication does not change. What is wrong?

47068. Two 4-bit binary numbers (1011 and 1111) are applied to a 4-bit parallel adder. The carry input is 1. What are the values for the sum and carry output?

47069. Each "1" entry in a K-map square represents:

47070. Looping on a K-map always results in the elimination of:

47071. What will a design engineer do after he/she is satisfied that the design will work?

47072. Based on the indications of probe A in the figure given below, what is wrong, if anything, with the circuit?

47073. What is the indication of a short on the input of a load gate?

47074. In HDL, LITERALS is/are:

47075. Which of the following expressions is in the sum-of-products form?

47076. The carry propagation can be expressed as ________.

47077. Which of the K-maps given below represents the expression X = AC + BC + B?

47078. A decoder can be used as a demultiplexer by ________.

47079. How many 4-bit parallel adders would be required to add two binary numbers each representing decimal numbers up through 30010?

47080. The horizontal projection of head or sill beyond the face of the frame of door or window is--------

47081. For a two-input XNOR gate, with the input waveforms as shown below, which output waveform is correct?

47082. A certain BCD-to-decimal decoder has active-HIGH inputs and active-LOW outputs. Which output goes LOW when the inputs are 1001?

47083. Solve the network in the figure given below for X.

47084. A full-adder has a Cin = 0. What are the sum () and the carry (Cout) when A = 1 and B = 1?

47085. What type of logic circuit is represented by the figure shown below?

47086. The triangular upper part of a wall formed at the end of a pitched roof is called

47087. The design concept of using building blocks of circuits in a PLD program is called a(n):

47088. When adding an even parity bit to the code 110010, the result is ________.

47089. Which of the following combinations of logic gates can decode binary 1101?

47090. What is the indication of a short to ground in the output of a driving gate?

47091. How many outputs would two 8-line-to-3-line encoders, expanded to a 16-line-to-4-line encoder, have?

47092. An encoder in which the highest and lowest value input digits are encoded simultaneously is known as a priority encoder.

47093. Three select lines are required to address four data input lines.

47094. Single looping in groups of three is a common K-map simplification technique.

47095. In true sum-of-products expressions, the inversion signs cannot cover more than single variables in a term.

47096. A combinatorial logic circuit has memory characteristics that "remember" the inputs after they have been removed.

47097. A data selector is also called a demultiplexer.

47098. A digital circuit that converts coded information into a familiar or non-coded form is known as an encoder.

47099. An exclusive-OR gate will invert a signal on one input if the other is always HIGH.

47100. The following combination is correct for an EVEN parity data transmission system: data = 100111100 and parity = 0

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