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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 940

47001. From the following list of input conditions, determine the state of the five output leads on a 74148 octal-to-binary encoder. I0 = 1 I3 = 1 I6 = 1 I1 = 1 I4 = 0 I7 = 1 I2 = 1 I5 = 1 EI = 0

47002. Before an SOP implementation, the expression would require a total of how many gates?

47003. The following waveform pattern is for a(n) ________.

47004. Implementing the expression with NOR logic, we get:

47005. The main argument advanced in favour of small scale and cottage industries in India is that?

47006. ”M_{10}”grade of concrete stands for--------

47007. To implement the expression , it takes one OR gate and ________.

47008. One positive pulse with tw = 75 µs is applied to one of the inputs of an exclusive-OR circuit. A second positive pulse with tw = 15 µs is applied to the other input beginning 20 µs after the leading edge of the first pulse. Which statement describes the output in relation to the inputs?

47009. How many AND gates are required to implement the Boolean expression, ?

47010. How many NOT gates are required to implement the Boolean expression, ?

47011. The inverter can be produced with how many NAND gates?

47012. A 4-variable AND-OR circuit produces a 0 at its Y output. Which combination of inputs is correct?

47013. A 4-variable AND-OR circuit produces a 1 at its Y output. Which combination of inputs is correct?

47014. Implementing the expression using NAND logic, we get:

47015. Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest twice?

47016. Concrete for road construction recommended slump is------

47017. Implementation of the Boolean expression results in ________.

47018. He ran away and thus escaped arrest. (Change into a simple sentence)?

47019. How many 2-input NOR gates does it take to produce a 2-input NAND gate?

47020. A logic circuit with an output consists of ________.

47021. The output of a NAND gate is LOW when all inputs are HIGH at the same time.

47022. When the output of an AND-OR circuit is complemented, it results in an AND-OR-Invert circuit.

47023. If one input to a 2-input AND gate is HIGH, the output reflects the other input.

47024. A NAND gate can function as a negative-OR gate.

47025. An AND gate is a universal gate.

47026. A NOR gate is a universal gate.

47027. An exclusive-OR gate's output is HIGH when its inputs are equal.

47028. A VHDL component is a predefined logic function.

47029. The output of an AND gate is HIGH when any input is HIGH.

47030. A NOR gate's truth table is the opposite of that of an OR gate.

47031. Assume you have A, B, C, and D available but not their complements. The minimum number of 2-input NAND gates required to implement the equation is ________.

47032. The symbol shown represents a(n) ________.

47033. A gate can drive a number of load gate inputs up to its specified ________.

47034. The expression can be directly implemented using only ________.

47035. The symbol shown represents ________.

47036. If both inputs of a 2-input NOR gate are connected, the gate will function as an ________.

47037. Assume that you have a 3-input NAND gate but need only a 2-input gate. The unused input should be ________.

47038. A node is defined as ________.

47039. Using the universal property of a NAND gate, one or more NAND gates can be used to replace an ________.

47040. The inclined or splayed surface of the abutement of an arch is called

47041. The last Diwan of Travancore?

47042. The output of an exclusive-NOR gate is 1. Which input combination is correct?

47043. Who is known as ‘Indian Machiavelly’?

47044. The 8-input XOR circuit shown has an output of Y = 1. Which input combination below (ordered A – H) is correct?

47045. Implementing the expression AB + CDE using NAND logic, we get:

47046. Convert BCD 0001 0010 0110 to binary.

47047. Poetics and Politic were books were written by?

47048. Convert BCD 0001 0111 to binary.

47049. Which of the figures in figure (a to d) is equivalent to figure (e)?

47050. How many data select lines are required for selecting eight inputs?

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