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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 946

47301. The average weight of a brick is----------

47302. MOD-6 and MOD-12 counters and multiples are most commonly used as:

47303. The hardness of stone used for road work should be greater than---------

47304. Which of the following is an invalid state in an 8421 BCD counter?

47305. The maximum increases in volume when water is added to fat lime is--------

47306. After 10 clock cycles, and assuming that the DATA input had returned to 0 following the storage sequence, what values would be stored in Q4, Q3, Q2, Q1, Q0 of the register in Figure 7-5?

47307. Allowable slump for concrete used for road work is---------

47308. How many different states does a 2-bit asynchronous counter have?

47309. The percentage of copper in high tensile steel is----------

47310. A 12 MHz clock frequency is applied to a cascaded counter containing a modulus-5 counter, a modulus-8 counter, and a modulus-10 counter. The lowest output frequency possible is ________.

47311. The method adopted to increase the bearing capacity of black cotton soil is--------

47312. Bidirectional shift registers can shift data either right or left.

47313. ----------joints are usually jointed in ashiar masonry

47314. In many cases, counters must be strobed in order to eliminate glitches.

47315. ----------bond is used in brick masonry for carrying heavy loads.

47316. A state diagram is a table of states.

47317. ------------is an example for lengthening joint.

47318. A ripple counter is an asynchronous counter.

47319. The area enclosed between the rails in a door is called---------

47320. The MOD number of a Johnson counter will always be equal to one-half the number of flip-flops in the counter.

47321. The outermost support of an arch is--------

47322. To cascade is to connect in parallel.

47323. The proportion of lime cement plaster for DPC is-------

47324. Cascade means to connect the Q output of one flip-flop to the clock input of the next.

47325. The survey conducted to study the customs and relics of the past is called-----------

47326. In a synchronous counter, each state is clocked by the same pulse.

47327. The principle of optical square is------

47328. Basic counters can be cascaded in parallel to increase the number of data bits that the counter can handle.

47329. The accuracy of survey depends upon the accuracy of-------measurement.

47330. In a 74192 BCD decade up-/down-counter, the terminal count up and the terminal count down are active-LOW.

47331. Bad ranging is a source of ----------error

47332. Dependency notation is no longer used.

47333. Most accurate type of cross staff is ---------------cross staff.

47334. A parallel in/serial out shift register enters all data bits simultaneously and transfers them out one bit at a time.

47335. -----------is used for measuring the bearings of lines in fast needle metho

47336. Generally speaking, the synchronous counter requires more circuitry than an asynchronous counter.

47337. The dip for the magnetic needle at equator is----------

47338. Another term used to describe up/down counters is bidirectional.

47339. -----------is the method of plane tabling adopted for locating in accessible points.

47340. When implementing a complete system application using IC counter chips, output devices such as LED indicators must be configured to operate from the counter outputs.

47341. The vertical distance a point above the datum is called--------

47342. One characteristic of a ring counter is that the modulus is equal to the number of flip-flops in the register and, consequently, there are never any unused or invalid states.

47343. Leveling carried out along the given route to find the elevations of points at known distances is called----------leveling.

47344. In a full-featured counter in HDL, the concept of rolling over simply means the count sequence has reached its limit and must start over at the beginning of the sequence.

47345. When the length of sight is more than 100 m the staff used is called-------

47346. The 7447 has a 4-bit BCD input, seven individual active-LOW outputs, and a ripple blanking input and output.

47347. On geographical map relief of earth surface is usually represented by--------

47348. All decade counters are BCD counters.

47349. Contour interval for mountainous region is---------

47350. Shift register counters use logic functions to reset the registers when the desired count is reached.

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