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47251. A 4-bit ripple counter consists of flip-flops, which each have a propagation delay from clock to Q output of 15 ns. For the counter to recycle from 1111 to 0000, it takes a total of ________.

47252. The terminal count of a 3-bit binary counter in the DOWN mode is ________.

47253. The hexadecimal equivalent of 15,536 is ________.

47254. In an HDL ring counter, many invalid states are included in the programming by:

47255. In a VHDL retriggerable edge-triggered one-shot, which condition will not exist when a clock edge occurs?

47256. What function does the CTR DIV 8 circuit given below perform?

47257. Synchronous (parallel) counters eliminate the delay problems encountered with asynchronous (ripple) counters because the:

47258. List the state of each output pin of a 7447 if RBI = 0, LT = 1, A0 = 1, A1 = 0, A2 = 0, and A3 = 1.

47259. Referring to the given figure, what causes the Control FF to reset after D7?

47260. What function will the counter shown below be performing during period "B" on the timing diagram?

47261. Three cascaded decade counters will divide the input frequency by ________.

47262. A counter with a modulus of 16 acts as a ________.

47263. How many data bits can be stored in the register shown below?

47264. What is the difference between a 7490 and a 7493?

47265. A ripple counter's speed is limited by the propagation delay of:

47266. Referring to the given figure, at which point is the serial data transferred to the parallel output?

47267. A 4-bit counter has a maximum modulus of ________.

47268. Which of the following statements best describes the operation of a synchronous up-/down-counter?

47269. The parallel outputs of a counter circuit represent the:

47270. Any divide-by-N counter can be formed by using external gating to ________ at a predetermined number.

47271. A MOD-16 synchronous counter has inputs labeled . These inputs would most probably be used to:

47272. How many natural states will there be in a 4-bit ripple counter?

47273. List which pins need to be connected together on a 7492 to make a MOD-12 counter.

47274. A principle regarding most display decoders is that when the correct input is present, the related output will switch:

47275. A modulus-10 counter must have ________.

47276. For a one-shot application, how can HDL code be used to make a circuit respond once to each positive transition on its trigger input?

47277. Which is not an example of a truncated modulus?

47278. Four cascaded modulus-10 counters have an overall modulus of ________.

47279. What is the maximum delay that can occur if four flip-flops are connected as a ripple counter and each flip-flop has propagation delays of tPHL = 22 ns and tPLH = 15 ns?

47280. Which of the following statements are true?

47281. Which segments (by letter) of a seven-segment display need to be active in order to display a digit 6?

47282. Which of the following groups of logic devices would be the minimum required for a MOD-64 synchronous counter?

47283. -------------line shows the edges of the section plane in geometrical drawing

47284. The circuit given below fails to produce data output. The individual flip-flops are checked with a logic probe and pulser, and each checks OK. What could be causing the problem?

47285. -----------vernier is provided in abney level

47286. A 22-MHz clock signal is put into a MOD-16 counter. What is the frequency of the Q output of each stage of the counter?

47287. The length of standard 450 set square is---------

47288. The designation means that the ________.

47289. The size of numerals used for writing tolerance is--------mm

47290. What type of device is shown below?

47291. ---------dimensioning system is used in engineering drawing.

47292. Why can a synchronous counter operate at a higher frequency than a ripple counter?

47293. The eccentricity of a hyperbola is---------

47294. A multiplexed display being driven by a logic circuit:

47295. Each deflection angle of pentagon=---------

47296. What is meant by parallel load of a counter?

47297. Sand stone is a------rock

47298. Which of the following is an example of a counter with a truncated modulus?

47299. ---------is a mineral.

47300. Which of the following is a type of shift register counter?

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