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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 965

48251. The time it takes for an input signal to pass through internal circuitry and generate the appropriate output effect is known as ________.

48252. The 74F-Fast TTL integrated-circuit fabrication technique uses reduced interdevice ________ to achieve reduced propagation delays.

48253. In a DIP the spacing between pins is typically ________.

48254. ________ is about twice as fast as P-MOS.

48255. P-MOS and N-MOS ________.

48256. The output stage of a TTL gate is a special design called ________.

48257. The ________ is defined as the maximum number of standard logic inputs that an output can drive reliably.

48258. ________ is ideally suited for applications using battery power or battery backup power.

48259. A logic probe is placed on the output of a digital circuit and the probe lamp is dimly lit. This display indicates ________.

48260. A logic probe is placed on the input of a digital circuit and the probe lamp blinks slowly, indicating ________.

48261. The HIGH logic level for a standard TTL output must be at least ________.

48262. Which of the following logic families has the highest maximum clock frequency?

48263. Why is the fan-out of CMOS gates frequency dependent?

48264. Logic circuits that are designated as buffers, drivers, or buffer/drivers are designed to have:

48265. Which of the following will not normally be found on a data sheet?

48266. Which of the following logic families has the shortest propagation delay?

48267. An open-drain gate is the CMOS counterpart of ________.

48268. A TTL NAND gate with IIL(max) of –1.6 mA per input drives eight TTL inputs. How much current does the drive output sink?

48269. The nominal value of the dc supply voltage for TTL and CMOS is ________.

48270. Which logic family combines the advantages of CMOS and TTL?

48271. Which equation is correct?

48272. The active switching element used in all TTL circuits is the ________.

48273. An open-collector output requires ________.

48274. Most TTL logic used today is some form of ________.

48275. A standard TTL circuit with a totem-pole output can sink, in the LOW state (IOL(max)), ________.

48276. One output structure of a TTL gate is often referred to as a ________.

48277. It is best not to leave unused TTL inputs unconnected (open) because of TTL's ________.

48278. Which is not an output state for tristate logic?

48279. TTL is alive and well, particularly in ________.

48280. A TTL NAND gate with IIH(max) of 40 A per input drives ten TTL inputs. How much current does the drive output source?

48281. A certain gate draws 1.8 A when its output is HIGH and 3.3 µA when its output is LOW. VCC is 5 V and the gate is operated on a 50% duty cycle. What is the average power dissipation (PD)?

48282. PMOS and NMOS circuits are used largely in ________.

48283. If ICCH is specified as 1.1 mA when VCC is 5 V and if the gate is in a static (noncharging) HIGH output state, the power dissipation (PD) of the gate is ________.

48284. Which is not a precaution for handling CMOS?

48285. Which factor does not affect CMOS loading?

48286. Which is not part of emitter-coupled logic (ECL)?

48287. The speed-power product provides a basis for the comparison of logic circuits when power dissipation and propagation delay are important considerations in the selection of the type of logic to be used.

48288. ECL IC technology is faster than TTL technology.

48289. CMOS is a more dominant IC technology than TTL.

48290. Unused TTL inputs should be tied LOW.

48291. The greater the propagation delay, the higher the maximum frequency.

48292. A pull-down resistor must be used with open-collector TTL circuits.

48293. Metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) are the active switching elements in CMOS circuits.

48294. There are four different logic level ranges for TTL and CMOS: VIL, VIH, VOL, and VOH.

48295. Power dissipation is a measure of a circuit's noise immunity.

48296. The total sink current decreases with an increase in each load gate input.

48297. Which is not a MOSFET terminal?

48298. For a CMOS gate, which is the best speed-power product?

48299. Which transistor element is used in CMOS logic?

48300. In a TTL circuit, if an excessive number of load gate inputs are connected, ________.

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