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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 972

48601. A CD-R disk is created by applying heat to special chemicals on the disk and these chemicals reflect less light than the areas that are not burned, thus creating the same effect as a pit does on a regular CD.

48602. The device shown in the given figure is checked with a logic probe and the output is HIGH.

48603. Which of the following best describes static memory devices?

48604. Which is not a removable drive?

48605. Which of the following best describes EPROMs?

48606. How many storage locations are available when a memory device has 12 address lines?

48607. FIFO is formed by an arrangement of ________.

48608. Why do most dynamic RAMs use a multiplexed address bus?

48609. CCD stands for ________.

48610. What is the major difference between SRAM and DRAM?

48611. Which of the following best describes volatile memory?

48612. What is a major disadvantage of RAM?

48613. What two functions does a DRAM controller perform?

48614. The RAM circuit given below is suspected of being bad. A check with a logic probe shows pulse activity on all of the address lines and data inputs. The / line and inputs are forced HIGH and the data output lines are checked with the logic probe. Q0, Q2, and Q3 show a dim indication on the logic probe; Q1 indicates a HIGH level on the logic probe. What, if anything, is wrong with the circuit?

48615. Dynamic memory cells store a data bit in a ________.

48616. Which is not part of a hard disk drive?

48617. ROMs retain data when the ________.

48618. Typically, how often is DRAM refreshed?

48619. Which type of ROM can be erased by an electrical signal?

48620. Suppose that a certain semiconductor memory chip has a capacity of 8K × 8. How many bytes could be stored in this device?

48621. Data is written to and read from the disk via a magnetic ________ head mechanism in the floppy drive.

48622. What does the term "random access" mean in terms of memory?

48623. A 64-Mbyte SIMM is installed into a system, but when a memory test is executed, the SIMM is detected as a 32-Mbyte device. What is a possible cause?

48624. Refer the given figure. The outputs (Q0–Q3) of the memory are always LOW. The address lines (A0–A7) are checked with a logic probe and all are indicating pulse activity, except for A3, which shows a constant HIGH, and A7, which shows a constant LOW; the select lines, are checked and shows pulse activity, while indicates a constant HIGH. What is wrong, and how can the memory be tested to determine whether it is defective or if the external circuitry is defective?

48625. How many address lines would be required for a 2K × 4 memory chip?

48626. When a RAM module passes the checkerboard test it is:

48627. Which type of ROM has to be custom built by the factory?

48628. What is the computer main memory?

48629. A major disadvantage of the mask ROM is that it:

48630. The periodic recharging of DRAM memory cells is called ________.

48631. Which of the following is normally used to initialize a computer system's hardware?

48632. What is the difference between static RAM and dynamic RAM?

48633. Microprocessors and memory ICs are generally designed to drive only a single TTL load. Therefore, if several inputs are being driven from the same bus, any memory IC must be ________.

48634. What are the typical values of tOE?

48635. Which type of ROM can be erased by UV light?

48636. Which of the following is NOT a type of memory?

48637. How many address bits are required for a 4096-bit memory organized as a 512 × 8 memory?

48638. In general, the ________ have the smallest bit size and the ________ have the largest.

48639. Advantage(s) of an EEPROM over an EPROM is/are:

48640. The mask ROM is ________.

48641. How many 1K × 4 RAM chips would be required to build a 1K × 8 memory system?

48642. Which of the following memories uses a MOS capacitor as its memory cell?

48643. Which of the following faults will the checkerboard pattern test for in RAM?

48644. On a CD-ROM, ________ are raised areas representing a 1.

48645. The location of a unit of data in a memory array is called its ________.

48646. On a CD-ROM, ________ are recessed areas representing a 0.

48647. Why is a refresh cycle necessary for a dynamic RAM?

48648. Which is not a magnetic storage device?

48649. The time from the beginning of a read cycle to the end of tACS or tAA is referred to as:

48650. Which of the following memories is volatile?

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