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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 985

49251. An Altera FLEX10K device uses a(n) ________ architecture.

49252. The ________ is the most popular standard logic device family today.

49253. A GAL22V10 ________.

49254. Most FPGA logic modules utilize a(n) ________ approach to create the desired logic functions.

49255. An EPM 7128S in a ________ PQFP package has 12 I/O per LAB plus 4 additional input-only pins for a total of 100 pins.

49256. A macrocell is ________.

49257. The final step in a design flow in which the logic design is implemented in the target device is called ________.

49258. In the GAL16V8, the ________ controls the tristate buffer's enable input.

49259. All inputs to the MAX7000S device and all macrocell outputs feed the ________.

49260. In the GAL16V8, the ________ selects the signal that is fed back into the input matrix.

49261. An application program in the development software package that controls the operation of the software is called a ________.

49262. Most complex digital designs include ________.

49263. Using a hardware solution for a digital system is always ________ than a software solution.

49264. The programming technologies that are used in FPGA devices include SRAM, flash, and antifuse, with ________ being the most common.

49265. A method for the automated testing of printed circuit boards is called a(n) ________.

49266. In a MAX7000S device, when an I/O pin is configured as an input, the associated macrocell can be used for ________.

49267. The process or sequence of all operations carried out to ultimately program a target device is called the ________.

49268. Full custom ICs can operate at ________ and require the ________.

49269. Gated arrays are ________ circuits that offer hundreds of thousands of gates.

49270. The MAX+PLUS II compiler will automatically program a macrocell to borrow up to ________ product terms from each of the 3 adjacent macrocells in the same LAB.

49271. A complex programmable logic device that consists of multiple SPLD arrays with programmable interconnections is called a ________.

49272. Design costs for standard cell ASICs are ________ those for MPGAs.

49273. The ________ can generate any possible logic function of the input variables because it generates every possible AND product term.

49274. The EPM 7128S is a(n) ________ device.

49275. The distinction between CPLDs and FPGAs is ________.

49276. ________ is a mature technology consisting of numerous subfamilies that have been developed over many years of use.

49277. The flexibility of the GAL16V8 is in its ________.

49278. The field programmable logic array was the first ________ programmable logic device.

49279. The GAL16V8 has architecture that is very similar to the ________ device.

49280. In a GAL16V8, the D flip-flops contained in the OLMCs have ________ and ________.

49281. In a programmable logic device circuit diagram, the inputs to each of the OR gates are designated by ________.

49282. The SPLD classification includes the ________ PLD devices.

49283. In the MAX7000S device up to ________ signals can feed each LAB from the PIA.

49284. FLEX10K devices are generally classified as ________.

49285. The major structures in the MAX7000S are the ________ and ________.

49286. Four subcategories of ASIC devices are available to create digital systems. These are PLDs, gate arrays, standard cells, and ________.

49287. The Boolean expression AB + CD is an example of ________.

49288. The difference between a PLA and a PAL is:

49289. ALM is the acronym for ________.

49290. The GAL16V8 has:

49291. PALs tend to execute ________ logic.

49292. How many pins are in an EDF10K70 package?

49293. How can parallel data be taken out of a shift register simultaneously?

49294. What is meant by parallel load of a shift register?

49295. What does the output enable do on the 74395A chip?

49296. To operate correctly, starting a ring shift counter requires:

49297. In a 6-bit Johnson counter sequence there are a total of how many states, or bit patterns?

49298. A modulus-12 ring counter requires a minimum of ________.

49299. Stepper motors have become popular in digital automation systems because ________.

49300. The group of bits 11001 is serially shifted (right-most bit first) into a 5-bit parallel output shift register with an initial state 01110. After three clock pulses, the register contains ________.

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