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1. Statements: In Japan, the incidence of stomach cancer is very high, while that of bowel cancer is very low. But Japanese immigrate to Hawaii, this is reversed - the rate of bowel cancer increases but the rate of stomach cancer is reduced in the next generation. All this is related to nutrition - the diets of Japanese in Hawaii are different than those in Japan. Conclusions: The same diet as in Hawaii should be propagated in Japan also. Bowel cancer is less severe than stomach cancer.

2. Statements: The Government run company had asked its employees to declare their income and assets but it has been strongly resisted by employees union and no employee is going to declare his income. Conclusions: The employees of this company do not seem to have any additional undisclosed income besides their salary. The employees union wants all senior officers to declare their income first.

3. Statements: Monitoring has become an integral part in the planning of social development programmes. It is recommended that Management Information System be developed for all programmes. This is likely to give a feedback on the performance of the functionaries and the efficacy with which services are being delivered. Conclusions: All the social development programmes should be evaluated. There is a need to monitor the performance of workers.

4. Statements: The T.V. programmes, telecast specially for women are packed with a variety of recipes and household hints. A major portion of magazines for women also contains the items mentioned above. Conclusions: Women are not interested in other things. An average woman's primary interest lies in home and specially in the kitchen.

5. Statements: The distance of 900 km by road between Bombay and Jafra will be reduced to 280 km by sea. This will lead to a saving of Rs. 7.92 crores per annum on fuel. Conclusions: Transportation by sea is cheaper than that by road. Fuel must be saved to the greatest extent

6. Statements: The manager humiliated Sachin in the presence of his colleagues. Conclusions: The manager did not like Sachin. Sachin was not popular with his colleagues.

7. Statements: Women's organisations in India have welcomed the amendment of the Industrial Employment Rules 1946 to curb sexual harassment at the work place. Conclusions: Sexual harassment of women at work place is more prevalent in India as compared to other developed countries. Many organisations in India will stop recruiting women to avoid such problems.

8. Statements: Nation X faced growing international opposition for its decision to explode eight nuclear weapons at its test site. Conclusions: The citizens of the nation favoured the decision. Some powerful countries do not want other nations to become as powerful as they are.

9. Statements: In a highly centralised power structure, in which even senior cabinet ministers are prepared to reduce themselves to pathetic countries or yesmen airing views that are primarily intended to anticipate or reflect the Prime Minister's own performances, there can be no place for any consensus that is quite different from real or contrived unanimity of opinion, expressed through a well orchestrated endorsement of the leader's actions. Conclusions: The Ministers play safe by not giving anti-government views. The Prime Minister does not encourage his colleagues to render their own views.

10. Statements: National Aluminium Company has moved India from a position of shortage to self-sufficiency in the metal. Conclusions: Previously, India had to import aluminium. With this speed, it can soon become a foreign exchange earner.

11. Statements: Jade plant has thick leaves and it requires little water. Conclusions: All plants with thick leaves require little water. Jade plants may be grown in places where water is not in abundance.

12. Statements: Use "Kraft" colours. They add colour to our life. - An advertisement. Conclusions: Catchy slogans do not attract people. People like dark colours.

13. Statements: All those political prisoners were released on bail who had gone to jail for reasons other than political dharnas. Bail was not granted to persons involved in murders. Conclusions: No political - prisoner had committed murder. Some politicians were not arrested.

14. Statements: Modern man influences his destiny by the choice he makes unlike in the past. Conclusions: Earlier there were fewer options available to man. There was no desire in the past to influence the destiny.

15. Statements: Water supply in wards A and B of the city will be affected by about 50% on Friday because repairing work of the main lines is to be carried out. Conclusions: The residents in these wards should economise on water on Friday. The residents in these wards should store some water on the previous day.

16. Statements: People who speak too much against dowry are those who had taken it themselves. Conclusions: It is easier said than done. People have double standards.

17. Statements: The national norm is 100 beds per thousand populations but in this state, 150 beds per thousand are available in the hospitals. Conclusions: Our national norm is appropriate. The state's health system is taking adequate care in this regard.

18. Statements: Our securities investments carry market risk. Consult your investment advisor or agent before investing. Conclusions: One should not invest in securities. The investment advisor calculates the market risk with certainty.

19. Statements: Money plays a vital role in politics. Conclusions: The poor can never become politicians. All the rich men take part in politics.

20. Statements: Vegetable prices are soaring in the market. Conclusions: Vegetables are becoming a rare commodity. People cannot eat vegetables.

21. Statements: The serious accident in which a person was run down by a car yesterday had again focused attention on the most unsatisfactory state of roads. Conclusions: The accident that occurred was fatal. Several accidents have so far taken place because of unsatisfactory state of roads.

22. Statements: In a recent survey report, it has been stated that those who undertake physical exercise for at least half an hour a day are less prone to have any heart ailments. Conclusions: Moderate level of physical exercise is necessary for leading a healthy life. All people who do desk-bound jobs definitely suffer from heart ailments.

23. Statements: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Conclusions: We should be content with what we have. We should not crave for what is not.

24. Statements: This world is neither good nor evil; each man manufactures a world for himself. Conclusions: Some people find this world quite good. Some people find this world quite bad.

25. Statements: The eligibility for admission to the course is minimum second class Master's degree. However, the candidates who have appeared for the final year examination of Master's degree can also apply. Conclusions: All candidates who have yet to get their Master's degree will be there in the list of selected candidates. All candidates having obtained second class Master's degree will be there in the list of selected candidates.

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