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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1291

64551. Who is the author of “Freedom at Midnight”?

Answer: Lapierre and Larry Collins Dominique

64552. Which was the first Axis Power to surrender in the First World War?

Answer: Italy

64553. Lao-Tse was the founder of the most important religion of China known as?

Answer: Taoism

64554. Who is the author of “ Agnikinavukal”?

Answer: Punathil KunjabdulJah

64555. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in ?

Answer: 1889

64556. Land of Sunrise?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

64557. Who is the author of “Coolies”?

Answer: Mulk Raj Anand

64558. Who is the author of “Moby Dick”?

Answer: Herman Melville

64559. Who is the author of “All’s Well that Ends Well”?

Answer: William Shakespeare

64560. Who is the author of The Importance of Being Earnest?

Answer: Oscar Wilde

64561. Who is the author of Child who never Grew ?

Answer: Pearl S Buck

64562. Who is the author of “Fasana-i-Azad”?

Answer: Ratan Nath Sarshar

64563. Who is the inventor of Yellow fever; cause of?

Answer: Reed

64564. HDI was introduced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its first Human Development Report prepared under the able; stewardship of ?

Answer: Mahbub-ul-Haq

64565. HTTP stands for?

Answer: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

64566. Name the author of' Aenid'; a famous Roman poet?

Answer: Vergil

64567. Which was the first Malayalam TV Channel in Private Sector?

Answer: Asianet {Asianet malayalam satellite channel began in 1992}

64568. Name the only artery carrying impure blood?

Answer: Pulmonary artery

64569. The civilisation that existed in Greece; before the Greeks was known as ?

Answer: Aegean Civilization

64570. The country which adopted gold standard first was?

Answer: United Kingdom

64571. Who is the author of “Amavasi”?

Answer: Balachandran Chullikkadu

64572. Fastest animal in the world is ?

Answer: Chettah

64573. Highest Straight?

Answer: Bhakra Nangal on river Sutlej

64574. Who is the author of “Prithvi Raj Raso”?

Answer: Chand Bardai

64575. Who is the author of “Stolen Harvest”?

Answer: Vandana Siva

64576. Who is the author of “ Nadi “?

Answer: P. Kesava Dev

64577. Who is the author of India We Left?

Answer: The Humphrey Travelyan

64578. Who is the author of “Nectar in a Sieve”?

Answer: Kamala Markandaya

64579. Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in ?

Answer: 1453

64580. Who is known as the father of America ?

Answer: George Washington

64581. Who is the author of “Raja tarangini”?

Answer: Kalhana

64582. Pineal gland that secretes the hormone melatonin and seratonin; is also known as ?

Answer: Biological Clock

64583. Who is known as the 'Frontier Gandhi'?

Answer: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

64584. Founder of Salvation Army?

Answer: William Booth

64585. Central Research Institute of Homoeopathy is located at?

Answer: Sachivothamapuram

64586. Who is the author of “ VeenaPoovu”?

Answer: Kumaranasan

64587. MRF World Cup is associated with?

Answer: Cricket & Boxing

64588. In India Year of Books was observed on?

Answer: 200I-02

64589. The hormone which helps in flowering of plants?

Answer: Florigen

64590. The government formed by Napolean in France was known as?

Answer: Consulate.

64591. The White Jews Synagogue at Mattancherri was built in?

Answer: 1567

64592. The Capital of Cuba?

Answer: Havana

64593. Who is the author of “Oruthulli Velicham”?

Answer: O.N.V Kurup

64594. India's first 3-D film was?

Answer: My Dear Kuttichathan (1984)

64595. Where is the most popular tourist destination The Auroville Beach?

Answer: Pondicherry

64596. World’s first census was conducted at ?

Answer: USA on 1790

64597. Who is the author of “Doll’s House”?

Answer: Ibsen

64598. Baghdad is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Tigris

64599. What is the total number of fast track courts functioning in Kerala?

Answer: 38

64600. Who is the author of “Kappirikalude Nattil”?

Answer: S K Pottekadu
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