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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1292

64601. Which was the first country to adopt Rolling Plan?

Answer: Sweden

64602. Dog was the first animal domesticated by man. During which age domesticating of animals began ?

Answer: Neolithic Age

64603. Whose birthday is celebrated as World Book Day on April 23?

Answer: William Shakespeare

64604. The Currency of Pakistan?

Answer: Rupee

64605. Saikowaghat is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Brahmaputra

64606. Who is the author of Yama?

Answer: Mahadevi Vanna

64607. Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital was started in 1864 during the reign of ?

Answer: Ayilyam Thirunal.

64608. Trachoma; the increased Redness of eye is due to infectionof bacteria?

Answer: Chlamidia trachamastis

64609. A long narative poem recounting the deeds of a legendary or historical hero is called?

Answer: Epics

64610. Who is the author of “Kanthapura”?

Answer: Raja Rao

64611. Who is the author of “‘Less Miserables’”?

Answer: Victor Hugo

64612. The Capital of Bahamas?

Answer: Nassau

64613. The Krishnapuram Palace is in?

Answer: Kayamkulam

64614. The Capital of St. Lucia?

Answer: Castries

64615. Who is the author of “Enippadikal”?

Answer: Thakazhi Siva Sankara Pillai

64616. Alexander invaded India in ?

Answer: 326 BC

64617. The Capital of Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Riyadh

64618. Who is the author of “Black Holes & Baby Universes”?

Answer: Stephan Hawking

64619. The Capital of Armenia?

Answer: Yerevan

64620. Who is the author of “The Importance of Being Earnest”?

Answer: Oscar Wilde

64621. Iron was accidently discovered by?

Answer: Neanderthal man

64622. The scientific name of Coconut is?

Answer: Cocos nucifera

64623. Who is the author of “ Anakaran”?

Answer: Karoor Neelakanda Pillai

64624. Which place was captured by Israel from Jordan ?

Answer: West Bank

64625. 'Savarnajatha’ was organized by Mannath Padmanabhan to support?

Answer: Vaikkam Sathyagraha

64626. Who is the author of “Idols”?

Answer: Sunil Gavaskar

64627. Who is the author of “B.A.Mayavi”?

Answer: E.Y.Krishana Pillai

64628. Which language is the mother tongue of the largest number of people in the world?

Answer: Mandarin

64629. The Currency of Bulgaria?

Answer: Lev

64630. Who is the author of “Time Machine”?

Answer: H.G Wells

64631. Joseph Ratzinger of Germany is better known as ?

Answer: Benedict XVI (The present and 265th Pope after the death of John Paul II)

64632. Great Britain and Northern Ireland joined together and became United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland by ?

Answer: ‘The Act of Union' of 1801

64633. Who is the author of Pygmalion ?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

64634. Who is the author of “Prison Diary”?

Answer: Jayaprakash Narayan

64635. Empire City?

Answer: New York

64636. Who is the author of Farm House ?

Answer: George Orwell

64637. Who is the author of Eternal Himalayas ?

Answer: Maj H P S Ahluwalia

64638. Who is the inventor of Jet Propulsion?

Answer: Frank Whittle

64639. Land of Golden Pagoda?

Answer: Myanmar

64640. Who is the author of “Geeta Govind”?

Answer: Jaya Dev

64641. 24th Parallel separates?

Answer: India and Pakistan

64642. Who is the author of “ Jeevanasangeetham”?

Answer: G. Sankara Kurup

64643. Who is the author of “Riding the Nuclear Tiger”?

Answer: N. Ram

64644. Uber Cup is associated with?

Answer: World Badminton (Women)

64645. The world’s First Earth Summit(1992)was at ?

Answer: Rio De Janerio (Brazil)

64646. The Capital of Vatican City State?

Answer: Vatican City

64647. Stalin became the head of Soviet Union in?

Answer: 1924

64648. The second Opium War was fought during ?

Answer: 1856-60

64649. Who is the inventor of Computer (Original Model)?

Answer: Charles Babbage

64650. Who is the inventor of Motor cycle?

Answer: Edward Butler
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