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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1397

69851. World Economic Forum -WEF is a non-profit foundation with its headquarters at?

Answer: Geneva

69852. Fluid Control Research Institute is located at?

Answer: Kanjikode (Kerala).

69853. Who is the author of "An Autobiography”?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

69854. Which country ranks first in the Global Business Competitiveness Index?

Answer: Switzerland

69855. Who is the author of Living History?

Answer: Hillary Clinton

69856. Who is the author of Nicholas Nickelby ?

Answer: Charles Dickens

69857. Sand fever; an insect borne disease; is propagated by?

Answer: Sand fly

69858. Who is the author of One Hundred Years of Solitude ?

Answer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

69859. Who is the author of Savitri ?

Answer: Aurobindo Ghosh

69860. Who is the author of “Sense and Sensibility”?

Answer: Jane Austen

69861. Indian Space Research Organisation is located at?

Answer: Bangalore (Karnataka)

69862. India's first live action animation hybrid film is?

Answer: Faaby (1993)

69863. Nitrogen is absorbed in form by plants.?

Answer: NO3

69864. Who is the inventor of Space Flying?

Answer: Wernher Von

69865. Who is the author of “Gods Little Soldier”?

Answer: Kiran Nagarkar

69866. Central Marine Research Institute is located in?

Answer: Chennai

69867. Sucrose is also called?

Answer: Cane sugar

69868. Who is the inventor of Telegraph?

Answer: William Cook

69869. Name the branch of science that deals with the study of skin and its diseases?

Answer: Dermatology

69870. Gateway of India?

Answer: Mumbai

69871. Who is the author of “Chidambra”?

Answer: Sumitranandan Pant

69872. Currency whose face value is higher than the internal value is called?

Answer: Token currency

69873. The structure of DNA was first-deduced by ?

Answer: J.D. Watson and F.H.Crick in 1953.

69874. Who is popularly known as the father of Kerala Circus?

Answer: Keeleri Kunhikannan

69875. Who is the author of Three Musketeers ?

Answer: Alexander Dumas

69876. Who is the author of Prem Pachisi ?

Answer: Munshi Prem Chand

69877. Sri Sankara University of Sanskrit, Kaladi, was founded in?

Answer: 1992

69878. National Defence College is located at?

Answer: New Delhi.

69879. The first American President to be assassinated was ?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln(1865)

69880. Who is the author of “Walls of Glass”?

Answer: K.A.Abbas

69881. Who is the author of “. Lady with the Lap Dog”?

Answer: Anton Chekhov

69882. The Capital of Tuvalu?

Answer: Funafuti

69883. Nehru University is located at?

Answer: New Delhi.

69884. Who is the author of Les Miserables ?

Answer: Victor Hugo

69885. Kabul is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Kabul

69886. Who shot dead John F. Kennedy?

Answer: Lee Harvey Oswald

69887. Father of Modem Embryology?

Answer: Ernst Von Baer

69888. Who is known as the Iron Man of Communism?

Answer: Stalin

69889. Who is the author of “Pingala”?

Answer: Uloor S Parameshwara Iyer

69890. Who is the author of “ Mayoora sandesham”?

Answer: Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran

69891. Who is the author of Letters from Robben Island ?

Answer: Ahmed Kathrada

69892. The Capital of Yemen (North)?

Answer: Sania

69893. Who is the author of “‘Crisis into Chaos’”?

Answer: E.M.S. Namboodiripad

69894. The scientific name of Tea is?

Answer: Camellia Sinensis

69895. National Botanical Garden (National Botanical Research Institute; NBRI) is situated in?

Answer: Lucknow.

69896. Lenin was the leader of which political party?

Answer: The Russian Social Democratic Labour Party

69897. Name the German Physician; who Tuberculosis bacillus in1882 is?

Answer: Robert Koch

69898. The hardest material found in human body is ?

Answer: Enamel

69899. Who is the author of Doctor Zhivago ?

Answer: Boris Pasternak

69900. The nitrogen base of RNA are ?

Answer: Adenine; Guanine; Uracil and Cytosine
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