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69901. Who is the author of Yama ?

Answer: Mahadevi Varma

69902. Who is the author of The Seagully?

Answer: Anton Chekov

69903. Who is known as the Poet of the Bhakthi movement”?

Answer: Poonthanam (15th century)

69904. Paper was first used by ?

Answer: Chinese

69905. Name the Currency of England?

Answer: Pound Sterling

69906. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Appunni; Amarsingh”

Answer: M.T. Vasudevan Nair

69907. On which date the first Chief Minister of Kerala EMS Namboothiripad sworn in?

Answer: 15-Apr-57

69908. The Capital of Austria?

Answer: Vienna

69909. "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" "Gift and Mystery" “Roman Tryptych Meditations" "Rise up Let us Go"; "Memory and Identity" are the books written by?

Answer: Pope John Paul II

69910. Cock of the Fleet Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Regatta

69911. Who is the author of Rubaiyati-Omar Khayyam ?

Answer: Edward Fitzgerald

69912. Largest Tunnel (India)?

Answer: Jawahar Tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)

69913. Who is the author of A Mercy ?

Answer: Toni Morrison

69914. Who is known as the father of Malayalam Cinema?

Answer: JC Daniel

69915. Central Jute Technological Research Institute is located at?

Answer: Kolkata (W.Bengal).

69916. Who was first African to receive Nobel Prize for Literature?

Answer: Wole Soynika; the Nigerian author and dramatist

69917. Who is the author of “Between the Lines”?

Answer: Kuldip Nayar

69918. Who is the Father of History?

Answer: Herodotus

69919. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is at ?

Answer: Thumba; Thiruvananthapuram.

69920. The famous Sivagiri pilgrim festival conducted on December 30;31andJanuary1 was started by?

Answer: Sree Narayana Guru

69921. Who is the author of Gitanjali?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

69922. Who is the author of “King of Dark Chamber”?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

69923. Who is the creator of the famous character Oedipus?

Answer: Sophocles

69924. City of Magnificient Buildings?

Answer: Washington (USA)

69925. Who is the creator of the famous character "Gora; Chitra; Rehman; Mini"?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

69926. The Capital of Qatar?

Answer: Doha

69927. Pain in heart muscles is called?

Answer: Angina pectoris.

69928. The police of USA which helped Britain and France during the Second World War ?

Answer: Cash and Carry Policy

69929. Who is considered as the Architect of Modern Education in Travancore?

Answer: Sri Chithira Thirunal

69930. Though members of the European Union; Euro is not used by?

Answer: Britan; Denmark and Swedan

69931. Who is the author of Starry Nights ?

Answer: Shobha De

69932. Who is the author of “ Baliyakala Sakikal”?

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

69933. Who introduced 'Anchal' postal system in Travancore?

Answer: Marthandavarma in 1729

69934. Who established the first English School in Kerala?


69935. Who is the author of Job for Millions?

Answer: V.V.Giri

69936. Who invented Thermometer

Answer: Galileo Galilee (1593)

69937. Smallest muscle in human body is ?

Answer: Stapedius

69938. Who is the author of “Spirit of the Age”?

Answer: William Hazlitt

69939. League or Nations was formed on the basis of the 'Fourteen Points' put forward by ?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson in 1918

69940. "Chemban Kunju; Koran;"

Answer: Thakazhi

69941. The technique of DNA finger printing has been developed by ?

Answer: Prof. Alec Jeffreys

69942. Who founded Kerala Kalaandalam at Cheruthurithi in 1930”?

Answer: Vallathol Narayana Menon

69943. The process by which water diffuses through a semi-permeable membrane from a region of higher concentration of a solution to a region of lower concentration of a solution?


69944. Who is the inventor of Uranus (planet)?

Answer: William Herchel

69945. Father of Natures History/ Father of Biology?

Answer: Aristotle

69946. *Which was the first college in Kerala?

Answer: The C M S College opened in Kottayam under the Church Mission Society in 1816

69947. Who is the author of “Painter Signs”?

Answer: T.K.Narayan

69948. The Currency of Bahrain?

Answer: Bahrain Dinar

69949. Land of Maple?

Answer: Canada

69950. Who is the author of Impossible Allies?

Answer: C. Raja Mohan
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