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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1400

70001. The Currency of Hungary?

Answer: Forint

70002. Who is the author of Long Walk to Freedom ?

Answer: Nelson Mandela

70003. The Capital of Kenya?

Answer: Nairobi

70004. Tom Jones

Answer: Henry Fielding

70005. The word Mesopotamia means?

Answer: Land between rivers

70006. Who is the author of “ A Village by the Sea”?

Answer: Anita Desai

70007. Who is the author of The Ancient Mariner?

Answer: S.T. Coleridge

70008. Who is the father of Green Revolution in the world?

Answer: Norman Borlang

70009. Who is the author of Grey Eminence ?

Answer: Aldous Huxley

70010. Kerala got Santhosh Trophy for the first time in?


70011. Who is the inventor of Gramophone?

Answer: Thomas Edison

70012. Who is the author of Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle

70013. Where is the special court for the trial of Essential Commodities Act cases located?

Answer: Thrissur

70014. Who is the author of “Dilemma of Our Time”?

Answer: Harold Joseph Laski

70015. Largest Sea Animal?

Answer: Blue Whale

70016. Who is the author of “Great Illusion”?

Answer: Norman Angell

70017. Clotting of blood in blood vessels is called ?

Answer: Thrombosis

70018. Who were the first Malayali couples to receive Arjuna Award?

Answer: Wilson Cheriyan and Shyni Wilson

70019. Who is the author of Glimpses of World History?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

70020. Oedipus

Answer: Sophocles

70021. Who is the author of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ?

Answer: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

70022. Who was the last Diwan of Travancore?

Answer: Sir. C.P. Ramaswami Ayyer.

70023. Who is the author of Pride and Prejudice?

Answer: Jane Austen

70024. Who is the author of “ Thotiyude Makan “?

Answer: Thakazhi Siva Sankara Pillai

70025. Eisenhower Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Golf (Amateurs - World)

70026. Who is the author of “Defending India”?

Answer: Jaswant Singh

70027. Junko Tabei; the first woman to climb mount Everest was from ?

Answer: Japan

70028. The period in which Cold War began?

Answer: 1945-1947

70029. Who is the author of “India's Parliamentary Democracy on Trail”?

Answer: Madhav Godbole

70030. The Capital of Zambia?

Answer: Lusaka

70031. It is believed that From 3000 BC onwards Kerala had trade relations by sea with?

Answer: The Indus Valley people.

70032. Who is the inventor of Microphone?

Answer: Berliner

70033. Smallest bone is ?

Answer: Stapes (middle-ear)

70034. Who is the author of "Vedadikara Nirupanam'?

Answer: Chatampi Swamikal

70035. In the First world war; the Allied Powers comprised of ?

Answer: England; France; Belgium; Serbia and Russia

70036. Who is the creator of the famous characters "Suhara; Majeed; Narayani"?

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

70037. Who was the most famous poetess of the Sangham period?

Answer: Avvayar

70038. Who was the first Chief Minister of Cochin?

Answer: Ikkanda Warrier.

70039. Elephant race in Thrissur is organised on?

Answer: 17-Jan

70040. What is the name of the aircraft from which the 'Little boy' Atom Bomb was dropped in Hiroshima?

Answer: 'Inola Gay'

70041. Who is the author of “Aachanum Makalum”?

Answer: Vallathol Narayana Menon

70042. Who is the author of “Animal Farm”?

Answer: George Orwell

70043. Who is the only American president who got all the electoral votes?

Answer: George Washington

70044. Huzur Court was replaced in 1861 with?

Answer: The Sadar Court

70045. The scientific name of Donkey is?

Answer: Equus asinus

70046. Who is the author of The Road Ahead ?

Answer: Bill Gates

70047. Egyptian kings were known as ?

Answer: 'Pharoh' ('Pharoh' means one who lives in a mansion)

70048. Who is known as the" Prophet of ltalian Nationalism"?

Answer: Joseph Massini

70049. Power Loom was invented by ?

Answer: Edmund Cartwright in 1785

70050. Who is the author of “Himalayan Blunder”?

Answer: J.P. Dalvi
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