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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1605

80251. A feather of one's cap

Answer: Something to be proud of

80252. Feather one's nest

Answer: To earn by unfair means

80253. Fellow feeling

Answer: A feeling of sympathy for somebody because you have shared similar experiences

80254. Fight shy of

Answer: To be hesitant

80255. Force one's hand

Answer: To force one to do unwillingly

80256. Forty winks

Answer: A siesta

80257. Fringe benefits

Answer: Extra things that an employer gives you as well as your wages

80258. Fair weather friend

Answer: Friends of good days only

80259. Fall in with

Answer: To agree to something

80260. Fall out with

Answer: To have an argument with somebody

80261. Fall to one's lot

Answer: To become ones task or responsibility

80262. Fall behind in

Answer: To fail to keep level

80263. Fall a prey to

Answer: To be harmed or affected by something bad

80264. Gala day

Answer: A special public celebration or entertainment

80265. Good for nothing

Answer: Of no use

80266. Gift of the gab

Answer: Ability or art of speaking fluently

80267. Golden mean

Answer: Neither to much nor to little

80268. Good samaritan

Answer: A person who gives help and sympathy to people who need it

80269. Get the better of

Answer: To overcome

80270. Get by heart

Answer: To learn orally or to remember orally

80271. Go a long way

Answer: To continue with an activity

80272. Golden opportunity

Answer: A very favourable chance

80273. Get ahead of

Answer: To make progress

80274. Get along with

Answer: To leave a place

80275. Get away with

Answer: To steal something and escape with it

80276. Get down to

Answer: To start to do

80277. Get even with

Answer: To revenge

80278. Get hold of

Answer: To find something that you want or need

80279. Get into a soup

Answer: To make things difficult

80280. Get in to the swing of things

Answer: To be familiar of

80281. Get on one's nerves

Answer: To have a friendly relationship with somebody

80282. Get on with

Answer: To be worrisome

80283. Get out of

Answer: To leave or go out of a place

80284. Get out of line

Answer: To avoid a responsibility or duty

80285. Get the sack

Answer: Dismiss from the services

80286. Get the upper hand

Answer: To get an advantage

80287. Get through with

Answer: To finish or complete a task

80288. Get wind of

Answer: To know the secret

80289. Get word

Answer: To be able to say anything

80290. Give a break

Answer: To give a chance

80291. Give a piece of mind

Answer: To scold

80292. Give a ring

Answer: To make a telephone call

80293. Go through fire and water

Answer: To take any risk

80294. Go to rack and ruin

Answer: To get into a bad condition

80295. Greenroom

Answer: A room in a theatre; television; studio

80296. Get off scot free

Answer: To go away without punishment

80297. Goa long way

Answer: To make progress

80298. Hand in hand

Answer: If two people are hand in hand they are holding each other's hand

80299. Here and there

Answer: In various place

80300. Hard cash

Answer: Money
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