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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1606

80301. How and why

Answer: To express method and reason

80302. Hard up

Answer: Having very little money

80303. High time

Answer: To enjoy yourself very much

80304. Hard nut to crack

Answer: A difficult problem to solve

80305. Hang by a thread

Answer: A critical condition

80306. Haul over the coals

Answer: To scold; chide

80307. Have a brush with

Answer: To dispute very little; or to quarrel in a small quantity

80308. Have a mind

Answer: Make your own decisions

80309. Have a thing at one's fingers tips

Answer: To get knowledge completely

80310. Have dean hands

Answer: To get innocent

80311. Have in hand

Answer: A piece of work to be in hand

80312. Have an eye on a thing

Answer: To look at or watch something

80313. Have one's hands full

Answer: Too busy to do something else

80314. 15. Have too many irons in

Answer: To be engaged in too many the fire things

80315. 16. Herculean task

Answer: Work which requires extraordinary strength to accomplish at

80316. High and low

Answer: Everywhere

80317. High living


80318. 19. Hit the nail on the head

Answer: Do exactly the right thing

80319. Hold one's tongue

Answer: Keep silence

80320. Highhanded


80321. 22. Hard times

Answer: Unpleasant and difficult situation

80322. 23. Have one's way

Answer: To have what you want especially by opposing other people

80323. 1. Iron hand

Answer: With strictness

80324. In favour of

Answer: In the side of

80325. In front of

Answer: In face of

80326. In order to

Answer: 'To' or 'for'

80327. In quest of

Answer: In searchof

80328. In the hope of

Answer: Tobe in hope

80329. In case

Answer: If

80330. In detail

Answer: Explain something fully

80331. In no time

Answer: At once

80332. In the teeth of

Answer: To be against

80333. In time

Answer: Not late; with enough time to be able to do something

80334. In connection with

Answer: For reasons connected with somebody I something

80335. 13. In defence of

Answer: The act of protecting somebody / something from attack

80336. In view of

Answer: Having regard to

80337. In proportion to

Answer: In the ratio of

80338. In respect of


80339. In the face of

Answer: In despite of

80340. In point of

Answer: From the point of view

80341. In a fix

Answer: In puzzling state

80342. In a nutshell

Answer: In a few words

80343. In full swing


80344. In regard to

Answer: In comparison with

80345. In the dark

Answer: Keep ignorant about

80346. Instead of

Answer: In the place of somebody I something

80347. III at ease


80348. In vogue


80349. Irony of fate

Answer: The amusing or strange aspect of a situation that is very different from what you expect

80350. In all respect

Answer: With all kinds / concernings
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