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88701. Where is ‘Joothakkunnu’ in Kerala?

Answer: Chavakkad

88702. Which art form is exclusively performed by the members of Chakyarkooth?

Answer: Koodiyattam

88703. Which palace is in Tamil Nadu but it is owned by the Government of Kerala?

Answer: Padmanabhapuram

88704. Who renovated the Krishnapuram palace?

Answer: Marthandavarma

88705. Primitive form of Kathakali?

Answer: Ramanattam

88706. The literary part of Kathakali?

Answer: Attakkatha

88707. A dance form evolved in Kerala under the patronage of Christian Church?

Answer: Chavittunatakam

88708. Ammannur Madhava Chakyar is related to?

Answer: Koodiyattom

88709. Chavittunatakam was evolved as an alternative to?

Answer: Kathakali

88710. In which district is Chakkulath Kavu?

Answer: Alappuzha

88711. In which district is Fantacy Park?

Answer: Palakkad

88712. In which district is Pathiramanal island?

Answer: Alappuzha

88713. In which district is Wagamon?

Answer: Idukki

88714. Mudiyettu is an art form related to ....... temples?

Answer: Bhadrakali

88715. St.Angelos fort in Kannur was built by the?

Answer: Portuguese

88716. The birth place of Chavittunatakam?

Answer: Matttancherry

88717. The Dutch Palace of Kochi was built by the?

Answer: Portuguese

88718. The fort built by Somasekhara Naik of Ikkeri dynasty?

Answer: Hosdurg

88719. The fort in Thiruvananthapuram district that was built by the British in 17th century?

Answer: Anchengo

88720. The most refined dance form of Kerala?

Answer: Kathakali

88721. The present form of Kathakali was designed by?

Answer: Kottayam Thampuran

88722. Which art form is performed by the members of Malayan and Mannan communities?

Answer: Theyyam

88723. Which traditional art form is related to Pulluvar?

Answer: Sarpam Thullal

88724. Which work is also known as ‘Ashtapadi’?

Answer: Gitagovinda

88725. Who authored ‘Prananathenenikku nalkiya paramananda rasathe’?

Answer: Irayimman Thampy

88726. Who designed the current form of dressing in Mohiniyattam?

Answer: Swati Trunal

88727. Charalkkunnu is a hill station in ...... district. ?

Answer: Pathanamthitta

88728. In which district is Kappil beach?

Answer: Kasargod

88729. In which district is Pakshipathalam?

Answer: Wayanad

88730. In which district is Payyambalam beach?

Answer: Kannur

88731. In which district Pookkode lake is situated?

Answer: Wayanad

88732. In which hills the famous Edakkal caves are situated?

Answer: Ambukuthimal

88733. In which place Jadayupara is situated?

Answer: Chadayamangalam

88734. The area known as Sairandrivanam in Mahabharat?

Answer: Silent Valley

88735. The famous marine drive in Kerala is at?

Answer: Ernakulam

88736. The national park which is famous lion tailed macaque?

Answer: Silent Valley

88737. Who is regarded as the father of Yakshagana?

Answer: Parthy Subban

88738. Who wrote the song’ Omanathinkal Kidavo’?

Answer: Irayimman Thampy

88739. In which century Thacholi Othernan lived?

Answer: 16th

88740. “Thekkan style’ in Kathakali was expounded by?

Answer: Kaplingattu Namboothiri

88741. A film directed by Priyadarshan that depicts a story in the back ground of freedom struggle of India?

Answer: Kalapani

88742. Gajendramoksham can be seen at the palace of?

Answer: Krishnapuram

88743. In which district is ‘Arjuna Nritham’ is a famous dance form?

Answer: Kottayam

88744. Oppana is a dance form performed by the women of ...... community?

Answer: Muslim

88745. Padayani is a dance form popular in the district of?

Answer: Pathanamthitta

88746. The famous ‘Ezharapponnana’ of Ettumanoor temple is made up of?

Answer: Wood

88747. The film based on the theme of ‘Count of Monte Christo’ by Alexander Dumas?

Answer: Padayottam

88748. The film based on the theme of ‘Othallo’ of Shakespeare?

Answer: Kaliyattam

88749. The first Dolby sterio film in Malayalam?

Answer: Kalapani

88750. The first film directed by M T Vasudevan Nair?

Answer: Nirmalyam
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