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88751. The first Malayalam film to get Golden Camera award in Cannes film festival?

Answer: Maranasimhasanam

88752. The first state in India to start the cultivation of Rubber?

Answer: Kerala

88753. The headquarters of Kerala Agricultural University?

Answer: Mannuthy

88754. The largest strike organised by the Communist party in Kerala?

Answer: Punnapra-Vayalar

88755. The Malayalam film in which Latha Mangeshkar was a playback singer?

Answer: Nellu

88756. The Malayalam film in which no woman was acted?

Answer: Mathilukal

88757. The poet who revived Kathakali?

Answer: Vallathol

88758. Which crop is known as ‘the gold of the wasteland’?

Answer: Cashew

88759. The first film in Malayalam was made based on a literary work?

Answer: Marthandavarma

88760. The first Malayalam film that was nominated for Oscar?

Answer: Guru

88761. The first Malayalam film to get President’s silver medal?

Answer: Neelakkuyil

88762. The first film society in Kerala?

Answer: Chitralekha

88763. The first film to get the award of Govt. of Kerala for best film?

Answer: Kumarasambhavam

88764. Which district has the least area under paddy cultivation?

Answer: Idukki

88765. Which district in Kerala has the largest area under paddy cultivation?

Answer: Palakkad

88766. Which vesha is usually used for female charecters in Kathakali?

Answer: Minukku

88767. The king of Travancore who encouraged Tapioca cultivation?

Answer: Visakham Tirunal

88768. The largest mural painting in Kerala?

Answer: Gajendramoksham

88769. The mural painting ‘Aghoramoorthy’ can be seen at the temple of?

Answer: Ettumanoor

88770. The year of split in Communist Party?

Answer: 1964

88771. The youngest Malayalam actress to get national award for best actress?

Answer: Monisha

88772. What is called the ‘king of spices’?

Answer: Pepper

88773. What is known as ‘queen of spices’?

Answer: Cardomom

88774. What is known as the ‘grains of paradise’?

Answer: Cardomom

88775. Who led Communist Party of India(Marxist) in Kerala after the split?

Answer: EMS

88776. The first rubber park in Kerala?

Answer: Airapuram

88777. Which is the cash crop cultivated in the largest area in Kerala?

Answer: Rubber

88778. Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time in?

Answer: 1920

88779. Gandhiji visited Kerala for the last time in?

Answer: 1937

88780. In which year ‘Abstention movement’ was started in Travancore?

Answer: 1932

88781. Karivellur strike was in?

Answer: 1946

88782. Kayyur strike was in?

Answer: 1941

88783. Name the newspaper launched in 1942 at Kozhikode as the mouthpiece of Communist party in Kerala?

Answer: Desabhimani

88784. The prohibition on the Communist party was withdrawn in?

Answer: 1942

88785. The publication of ‘Desabhimani’, the mouth piece of Communist was started in 1942 from?

Answer: Kozhikode

88786. Under whose leadeship Kochi Rajya Prajamandalam was formed in 1941?

Answer: VR Krishanezhuthachan

88787. The district which is the largest producer of Coffee in Kerala?

Answer: Wayanad

88788. The district which is the largest producer of Rubber in Kerala?

Answer: Kottayam

88789. The district which is the largest producer of Tea in Kerala?

Answer: Idukki

88790. The film by Shaji N.Karun based on the theme of the controversial Rajan Case?

Answer: Piravi

88791. The film ‘Neythukaran’ depicts the life of?

Answer: EMS

88792. The first digital film in Malayalam?

Answer: Moonnamathoral

88793. The first sponsored film in Malayalam?

Answer: Makalkku

88794. Who was known as Kerala Marx?

Answer: K Damodaran

88795. In which date EMS ministry was dismissed?

Answer: 31st July;1959

88796. In which date the first ministry came into power?

Answer: 5th April; 1957

88797. In which district is Attappady tribal settlement?

Answer: Palakkad

88798. In which district is Parassinikadavu snake park?

Answer: Kannur

88799. India’s first gymnastic training centre was established in?

Answer: Thalassery

88800. The smallest river in Kerala?

Answer: Mancheswaram
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