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116901. Parliamentary form of govt policy has been taken from which country?

Answer: British Constitution

116902. Promotion of international peace and security is dealt with in Article __ of the Constitution.?

Answer: 51

116903. Prorogation of the House means:?

Answer: the session of the House has been terminated

116904. Recognition to a political party is accorded by:?

Answer: the Election Commission

116905. Right to Education Bill envisages to provide free education to the children of the age group of?

Answer: 6-14 years

116906. Salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court are drawn from the:?

Answer: Consolidated Fund

116907. Silvassa is the capital of?

Answer: Dadra and Nagar Haveli

116908. Sindhi was included as an official language by amending which schedule in 1967?

Answer: 8th schedule

116909. Term of Comptroller and Auditor General of India is:?

Answer: 6 years or 65 years of age whichever is earlier

116910. The "Adhikari Thesis" on Pakistan of 1942 was adoped by?

Answer: The Communist Party of India

116911. The ‘Point of Order’ in a parliamentary practice involves?

Answer: The question of rules of procedure not followed in a particular matter

116912. The absolute minimum number of times that Parliament must meet every year is?

Answer: twice

116913. The amendment procedure laid down in the Constitution of India is on the pattern of?

Answer: Constitution of South Africa

116914. The American Constitution came into effect in?

Answer: 1789

116915. The appropriate writ issued by the court to quash the appointment of a person to a public office is that of:?

Answer: Quo Warranto

116916. The Azad Hind Government was announce by Subhash Chandra Bose in?

Answer: 1943

116917. The Bombay plan was drawn up in?

Answer: 1944

116918. The British Government announced their decision to grant independence to India on 15th August 1947, on?


116919. The British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act, based on the Mount-batten Plan, on?

Answer: 18th July 1947

116920. The Cabinet Mission to India was headed by:?

Answer: Lord Pethick Lawrence

116921. The Capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in?

Answer: 1911

116922. The Central Audit Machinery is headed by the?

Answer: Comptroller and Auditor General of India

116923. The Central Provinces and Berar are now known as?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

116924. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court draws a monthly salary of?

Answer: Rs 280000

116925. The Chief Minister of Union Territory where such a set up exists, is appointed by the:?

Answer: Lt. Governor

116926. The Chief Minister remains in power as along as he enjoys the confidence of the?

Answer: State Legislative Assembly

116927. The Committee, on whose recommendations Panchayatl Raj was introduced in the country was headed by?

Answer: Balwant Rai Mehta

116928. The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India is removed from his office by?

Answer: The President on the basis of a resolution passed by both the Houses of Parliament by special majority

116929. The concept of Constitution first originated in?

Answer: USA

116930. The concept of nomination of members to the Rajya Sabha by the President has been borrowed from the Constitution of?

Answer: Ireland

116931. The concept of Public Interest Litigation originated in:?

Answer: the United States

116932. The concept of Welfare State finds elaboration in the?

Answer: Directive Principles of State Policy

116933. The Constituent Assembly appointed the Linguistic Provinces Commission in the year 1948 to enquire into the desirability of linguistic provinces. Who among the following was the Head of that Commission?

Answer: Justice S.K. Dhar

116934. The Constitution of India borrowed the scheme of Indian Federation from the Constitution of:?

Answer: Canada

116935. The Constitution provides for a legal adviser to the State Government. He is known as the?

Answer: Advocate General

116936. The Crown took the Government of India into its own hands by:?


116937. The demand for the Constituent Assembly was put forward by the Indian National Congress in 1936 at its session held at:?

Answer: Lucknow

116938. The distribution of seats of the Parliament are based on which of the following census?

Answer: 1971

116939. The Election Commission of India operates under which article of Indian Constitution?

Answer: Article 324

116940. The Estimates Committee consists of?

Answer: 30 members from Lok Sabha

116941. The First Amendment introduced in 1951 added a new Schedule to the Constitution. It is the __ Schedule.?

Answer: Ninth

116942. The first Backward Classes Commission was set up by a presidential orde on 29 January 1953, headed by?

Answer: Kaka Kalelkar

116943. The first Chairman of the Planning Commission was?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

116944. The first Chairman of the Rajya Sabha was?

Answer: Dr S Radhakrishnan

116945. The first ever meeting of the Union Cabinet outside New Delhi was held in?

Answer: Sariska

116946. The first general elections in India were held in:?

Answer: 1951

116947. The first Governor ever to be dismissed by the President was?

Answer: Prabhudas Patwari

116948. The first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minster of free India was?

Answer: Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

116949. The first Independence Day (August 15, 1947) fell on a?

Answer: Friday

116950. The First Indian to become the Comptroller and Auditor General of India was?

Answer: CV Narahari Rao
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