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151851. Which chemical is also known as "hot ice"?

Answer: Sodium acetate

151852. Hibi method is used for the farming of _____?

Answer: Seaweed

151853. The Nauru Agreement of 1982 is for the sustainable management of which fish?

Answer: Tuna

151854. Which gland of the human body is also known as ‘hypophysis"?

Answer: Pituitary gland

151855. Through which Constitutional amendment was forest & wildlife included in the Concurrent list of the Constitution?

Answer: 42nd Amendment

151856. The famous Haldighati pass is situated in which mountain range?

Answer: Aravalli

151857. Where is the headquarters of the World Federation of Trade Unions situated?

Answer: Athens

151858. Which Indian ruler"s famous horses were Sarangi, Pavan & Badal?

Answer: Rani of Jhansi

151859. Which planet experiences the largest dust storms in the Solar System?

Answer: Mars

151860. Which famous actress is the author of "The Great Indian Diet"?

Answer: Shilpa Shetty

151861. Which chemical acts as the chief agent in attracting mosquitoes to humans?

Answer: Lactic Acid

151862. Who is known as "the Father of Neutron Bomb"?

Answer: Samuel T Cohen

151863. Which city in West Bengal is known as "the Land of Black Diamond"?

Answer: Asansol

151864. Which German company is the world"s largest supplier of automotive components?

Answer: Bosch

151865. The national football team of which country has the nickname of `The Tri-colors"?

Answer: France

151866. Which Indian jurist"s autobiography is "Before Memory Fades"?

Answer: Fall S. Nariman

151867. Which country witnessed "the Jeans Revolution" in March 2006?

Answer: Belarus

151868. In which country is the famous mountain of "Rams" Head" situated?

Answer: Australia

151869. What is the meaning of the Latin legal term "Sui iuris"?

Answer: Of one"s own right"

151870. Isobornyl cyclohexanol has the aroma similar to _____?

Answer: Sandalwood oil

151871. The area including 26 European countries that have abolished passport and any other type of border control at their mutual borders is called _____?

Answer: Schengen area

151872. Which acid is present in the urine of the horses?

Answer: Hippuric acid

151873. Which German scientist is described as "the Father of the fertilizer industry"?

Answer: Justus von Liebig

151874. Which chemical is used to make power glues & superglues?

Answer: Cyanoacrylate

151875. Who said that "the World is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong"?

Answer: Swami Vivekananda

151876. Which consortium serves as an interface to the Indian software industry & Indian BPO industry?

Answer: NASSCOM (The National" Association of Software & Services Companies)

151877. Which was the artificial currency created by the IMF in 1969?

Answer: The Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

151878. The amount a commercial bank need to maintain in the form of cash, or gold or government approved securities before providing credit to its customers is known as ______?

Answer: Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)

151879. Which natural pigment gives yellow color to the egg yolk?

Answer: Xanthophyll

151880. Which country"s leading decorative paint brand is French White?

Answer: Ireland

151881. In Buddhist countries, which is the color of mourning?

Answer: White

151882. Which European city has the nickname of "the Silver City with the Golden Sands"?

Answer: Aberdeen (Scotland)

151883. The Chappell & White classification system is used to divide varieties?

Answer: Granite

151884. As per the Article-287 of the Constitution, which item is exempted from taxes?

Answer: Electricity

151885. The famous Stanley Cup is associated with which sports item?

Answer: Ice Hockey

151886. In which sports item is a black card issued for severe rule infractions?

Answer: Fencing

151887. The International Street Children"s Day is observed on:

Answer: 42766

151888. Which country"s official Calendar is Vikram Samvat?

Answer: Nepal

151889. Who presented the first budget in Indian history in 1860?

Answer: Sir James Wilson

151890. Which country"s national flag, is known as "the Saltire"?

Answer: Scotland

151891. Which was the first Indian company to be listed on the American stock exchange NASDAQ?

Answer: Infosys

151892. With which disease is the ART Treatment related?

Answer: AIDS

151893. Which was the first e-newspaper in India?

Answer: The Newspaper Today

151894. Which was the first space mission to detect Earth like planets?

Answer: COROT

151895. What is the maximum number of eclipses that can occur in any given year?

Answer: Seven

151896. Which African river crosses the Tropic of Capricorn twice?

Answer: Limpopo

151897. Which South American country is known as "Heart of America"?

Answer: Paraguay

151898. Press Note 18 sets out government"s policy for approval of new projects of ______?

Answer: Foreign Companies

151899. What is the name of the region of the Solar System beyond the planets, extending from the orbit of Neptune?

Answer: The Kuiper belt

151900. Which plant hormone is, important in seed germination?

Answer: Gibberellins
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