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151801. Which artist"s famous painting is "Three Musicians"?

Answer: Pablo Picasso

151802. Which famous Carnatic musician"s original name was Srinivasa Nayaka?

Answer: Purandara Dasa

151803. Which Indian state"s civilian honour is the "Rajyotsava Prashasti’?

Answer: Karnataka

151804. Which Indian city was established by Kempe Gowda in 1537?

Answer: Bangalore

151805. Which is the highest honour in the performing arts conferred by the Government of India?

Answer: Ratna Sadasya

151806. Who is regarded as "the Henri Langlois of India because of his lifelong dedication towards the preservation of films?

Answer: P.K. Nair

151807. Which science journal has constituted the famous "Breakthrough of the Year" award?

Answer: Science

151808. Which American activist was called as "the First Lady of the World"?

Answer: Eleanor Roosevelt

151809. Which document is described as "the International Magna Carta of all Men Everywhere"?

Answer: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

151810. Who was the first Indian to win the prestigious Human Rights Prize of the United Nations?

Answer: Baba Amte

151811. Where is the headquarters of the human rights organization "Human Rights First"?

Answer: New York

151812. Which countries are seperated by the Diomede Islands?

Answer: USA & Russia

151813. Which former Indian Vice President"s autobiography is "I"m My Own Model"?

Answer: B.D. Jatti

151814. At present, which is the only Un-ion Territory to be administered by Lieutenant Governor?

Answer: Andaman & Nicobar Islands

151815. The snatch Sc the clean and jerk are two competitions associated with which item in the Olympic Games?

Answer: Weightlifting

151816. In which American city is the famous "Little Tokyo" town situated?

Answer: Los Angeles

151817. Which chemical is produced through the Raschig Process?

Answer: Hydroxylamine

151818. Which chemical has the nickname of "the Salt of Hartshorn"?

Answer: Ammonium Carbonate

151819. Who created the fictional character of "Indiana Jones"?

Answer: George Lucas

151820. The famous Irving G Thalberg Award is associated with which field?

Answer: Cinema

151821. Where is the Indian Institute of Wheat & Barley Research situated?

Answer: Shimla

151822. Which fish variety is also known as "the Aquatic Chicken"?

Answer: Tilapia

151823. Which is the world"s most frequently farmed fish?

Answer: Carp

151824. In which country is the historic city of Samarkand situated?

Answer: Uzbekistan

151825. Which daughter of Shah Jahan took care of him when he was kept imprisoned by Aurangzeb?

Answer: Jahanara

151826. Which Indian ruler died due to an accidental explosion of gunpowder while attempting to capture the fort of Kalinjar in 1545?

Answer: Sher Shah

151827. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to pay his soldiers in cash?

Answer: Alauddin Khilji

151828. Which Article of the Indian Constitution mentions Devaswom Funds?

Answer: Article-290 A

151829. The Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code was passed in the year _____?

Answer: 42491

151830. Which agency of the Government of India has the objective of determine sickness of industrial companies & assist in reviving?

Answer: BIFR (The Board for Industrial & Financial Reconstruction)

151831. Which country is affected by the local wind of "Wreck house"?

Answer: Canada

151832. In the field of insurance, the term "Hull Insurance" is associated with which item?

Answer: Coverage of damage to a vessel or aircraft

151833. Which city is often referred to as "the Gateway of UP"?

Answer: Ghaziabad

151834. Which Indian city is situated on the banks of the river Aji?

Answer: Rajkot (Gujarat)

151835. Where is the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police Museum situated?

Answer: Kollam

151836. Which places are connected by the train of Azad Hind Express?

Answer: Howrah-Pune

151837. Which Indian is the author of the -famous article "Stopping by the Woods on a Sunday Morning"?

Answer: Salim Ali

151838. Exposure to which heavy metal causes acrodynia or pink disease in children?

Answer: Mercury

151839. Which compound of mercury is also known as "red mercury"?

Answer: Mercury iodide

151840. What was the focus area of the B. K. Chaturvedi Committee?

Answer: Restructuring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes

151841. What color phenolphthalein turns in the presence of bases?

Answer: Pink

151842. What color is shown by a neutral solution in the universal indicator?

Answer: Green

151843. In microbiology, the Methyl red test is done to identify the presence of which micro organism?

Answer: Bacteria

151844. Which large ocean current is also known in the name of West Wind Drift"?

Answer: Antarctic Circumpolar Current

151845. Which country"s southern point is the South East Cape?

Answer: Australia

151846. Which famous scientist"s words are "Chance favours only the prepared mind"?

Answer: Louis Pasteur

151847. Which national leader raised the slogan of "Aram Haram Hai"?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

151848. What is known as "the Mother of all Oils?

Answer: Coconut oil

151849. The film industry of which country is known as "Hallyuwood"?

Answer: South Korea.

151850. What is the most commonly used de-icing chemical?

Answer: Sodium chloride (Table salt)
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