Basic-Science-Objective Related Question Answers

1. JPG stands for?

Joint Photographic Expert Group

2. ROM stands for?

Read Only Memory

3. Name the First known E. Paper in the world ?

The-Tbejith (from Belgium)

4. www stands for?

World Wide Web

5. A program used to browse the web is called ?


6. Litmus is obtained from?


7. Who invented camera phone?


8. GUI stands for ?

Grapbical User Interface

9. The fourth generation computer use ?

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) normally called 'Miracle Chips'.

10. RTF stands for?

Rich Text Format

11. A computer framed to give various network services is called?


12. The first IT Park in the Private Sector in Kera1a is ?

The Muthoot Technopolis.

13. HTTP stands for?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

14. Information Technology Act was enacted in India in?


15. First Techno park in India is in ?


16. The smallest component of an image that can be transmitted or received in a video display system is known as?


17. CAT stands for ?

Computerised Auxial Tomography

18. WAN stands for ?

Wide Area Network

19. The first world wide web information service in India was launched on ?

January 14; 1995.

20. The basic architecture of computer was developed by ?

John Von Neumann

21. RAM stands for?

Random Access Memory

22. 1Gigabyte= ?


23. HFC-2M was the first computer installed in India in?

Kolkata in 1955.

24. Simputer was discovered by ?

Vinay Despandey

25. Who is the Father of Super Computer?

Symur Cray
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