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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1140

57001. An 8 bit data is to be entered into a parallel in register. The number of clock pulses required is

57002. Which of the following is error correcting code?

57003. A universal shift register can shift

57004. Available multiplexer IC package can have a maximum of 8 inputs.

57005. A16 X 216 __________ .

57006. For the binary number 11101000, the equivalent hexadecimal number is

57007. AECF116 + 15ACD16 = __________ .

57008. A XOR gate has inputs A and B and output Y. Then the output equation is

57009. Wired AND connection can be used in TTL with totem pole output.

57010. The Boolean expression for the circuit of the given figure

57011. What will be BCD number when the output is 0.37 V?

57012. The first machine cycle of an instruction is always

57013. A counter has N flip flops. The total number of states are

57014. Out of S, R, J, K, Preset, Clear inputs to flip flops, the synchronous inputs are

57015. The Boolean expression A ⊕ B is equivalent to

57016. Which of these are two state devices?

57017. What will be minimum conversion rate in 6 bit dual slope A/D converter uses a reference of -6v and a 1 MHz clock. It uses a fixed count of 40 (101000).

57018. The minimum number of NAND gates required to implement the Boolean function A +AB + AB C is equal to

57019. For the K map of the given figure, the simplified Boolean expression is

57020. The dual of A + [B + (AC)] + D is

57021. A divide by 78 counter can be obtained by

57022. The initial state of MOD-16 down counter is 0110. What state will it be after 37 clock pulses?

57023. The number of address lines in EPROM 4096 x 8 is

57024. If the inputs to a 3 bit binary adder are 1112 and 1112, the output will be 1102

57025. Which display device resembles vacuum tube?

57026. The number of inputs and outputs of a full adder are

57027. A VF display operates on the principle of a vacuum diode.

57028. In a 3 input NAND gate, the number of states in which output is 1 equals

57029. In a mod-12 counter the input clock frequency is 10 kHz. The output frequency is

57030. The total number of input words for 4 input OR gate is

57031. In digital circuits Schottky transistors are preferred over normal transistors because of their

57032. A flip flop is a

57033. A 4 bit parallel type A/D converter uses a 6 volt reference. How many comparators are required and what is the resolution in volts?

57034. Quantization error occurs in

57035. Which of these are universal gates?

57036. Out of latch and flip flop, which has clock input?

57037. A mod 4 counter will count

57038. In the given figure shows a 4 bit serial in parallel out right shift register. The initial contents as shown are 0110. After 3 clock pulses the contents will be

57039. Which of the following finds application in pocket calculators?

57040. Octal number 12 is equal to decimal number

57041. Hexadecimal number E is equal to binary number

57042. Decimal number 46 in excess 3 code =

57043. Logic hardware is available only in NAND and NOR.

57044. A 4 input AND gate is equivalent to

57045. The circuit of the given figure is

57046. A half adder adds

57047. The no. of comparators required in a 3 bit comparator type ADC is

57048. If the ladder reference voltage is 2 V, then minimum comparator resolution required is

57049. In a 7 segment LED display, the minimum number of segments is activated when the input decimal number is

57050. A 4 bit down counter starts counting from 1111 irrespective of modulus.

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