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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1146

57301. If 4 in binary system is 100 then 8 will be

57302. In the given figure A = 1, B = 1. B is now changed to a sequence 101010................The outputs X and Y will be

57303. The ALU carrier out arithmetic and logic operations (OR AND, NOT, etc.) it processes

57304. The total number of fundamental products of three variables is

57305. As per Boolean algebra, inputs can be interchanged in

57306. Medium scale integration refers to ICs with

57307. The decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number (3 E 8)16 is

57308. Four memory chips of 16 x 4 size have their address buses connected together. This system will be of size

57309. A ripple counter has propagation delay.

57310. Adder is a combinational logic circuit.

57311. In a decimal digital computer, the number 127 is stored

57312. In 8085 microprocessor, which of the following interrupts has the lowest priority?

57313. All digital circuits can be realised using only

57314. The code used to reduce the error due to ambiguity in reading of a binary optical encoder is

57315. In a clocked latch, clock drives

57316. Vectored interrupt is an interrupt that takes the program to a vector location. TRAP vectors to 0024 FI, RST 7.5 to 003 CH, RST 6.5 to 0034 H and

57317. ALU carries out

57318. The SID data received is

57319. A 3 bit synchronous counter uses FF with propagation delay time of 20 ns each. The maximum possible time required for change of state will be.

57320. Computer ICs work reliably because

57321. Octal 16 is equal to decimal

57322. The Boolean expression Y = (A + B + A B) C then Y will be equal to

57323. In 8085 microprocessor, how many lines are there in address bus?

57324. A TTL circuit with totem pole output has

57325. The main drawbacks of EEPROM are

57326. How many JK flip-flops are needed to make a 4-bit shift register?

57327. A 10 MHz square wave clocks 5 bit ripple counter. The frequency of the 3rd FF output is

57328. The radix of a hexadecimal system is

57329. In a 4 bit counter the output of 3 JK FFs from MSB downward are connected to the NAND gate whose O/P is connected to CLR

57330. For checking the parity of a digital word, it is preferable to use

57331. Among the digital IC families - ECL, TTL, and CMOS

57332. In ASCII, letter B is coded as

57333. The power dissipated per gate

57334. In 8085 microprocessor, what is the memory word addressing capability?

57335. Gray code is used in devices which convert analog quantities to digital signal because it is

57336. A transistor is operated as non-saturated switch to eliminate

57337. Which has the lowest propagation delay time?

57338. Programmable logic array uses

57339. Assertion (A): In a parallel in-serial out shift register data is loaded one bit-at a timeReason (R): A serial in-serial out shift register can be used to introduce a time delay.

57340. In an 8085 microprocessor, the instruction CMP B has been executed while the content of the accumulator is less than that of register B, As a result.

57341. Computers use thousands of flip-flops. To coordinate the overall action, a common signal is sent to all flip-flop known as

57342. In a D-type latch EN = 1, D = 1, the O/P is

57343. Which has the highest power dissipation per gate?

57344. A Schottky diode has

57345. In what format is Java’s character set represented?

57346. Boolean algebra obeys

57347. The figure of merit for a logic family is

57348. A universal register

57349. (1001-10) is equal to

57350. A compiler is a software programme which

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