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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1145

57251. Symmetrical square wave of time period 100 μs can be obtained from square wave of time period 10 μs by using

57252. The Boolean expression for the shaded area in the Venn diagram is

57253. The initial state of a Mod-16 counter is 0110. After 37 clock pulses the state of counter will be

57254. A 14 pin AND gate IC has __________ AND gates.

57255. In 8085 microprocessor, how many lines are there in data bus?

57256. The basic shift register operations are

57257. The hexadecimal number 'A0' has the decimal value

57258. The logic realized by the circuit shown in figure below is

57259. A 4 bit ripple counter is in 0000 state. The clock pulses are applied and then removed. The counter reads 0011. The number of clock pulses which have occurred are

57260. TTL logic is preferred to DRL logic because

57261. Assertion (A): Schottky transistors are preferred over normal transistors in digital circuits Reason (R): A Schottky transistor when used as a switch, between cutoff and active region.

57262. In the circuit of the given figure, V0 =

57263. A parallel in-parallel out shift register can be used to introduce delay in digital circuits.

57264. In following figure, the initial contents of the 4-bit serial in parallel out, right shift, shift register as shown in figure are 0110. After 3 clock pulses the contents of the shift register will be

57265. For the logic circuit of the given figure, the minimized expression is

57266. Binary multiplication can be done by repeated addition.

57267. Assertion (A): In totem pole output the output impedance is low.Reason (R): TTL gate with active pull up should not be used in wired AND connection.

57268. A 4 bit synchronous counter uses flip flops with a delay time of 15 ns each. The time required for change of state is

57269. Which province in India stated the census system for the first time?

57270. What do the contents of instruction register specify?

57271. In the decimal number 27, the digital 2 represents

57272. What type of parameters are used in transcendental functions in Java?

57273. E7F616 = __________ .

57274. What is the normal range of analog input voltage?

57275. Assertion (A): The propagation delay in ECL is minimum Reason (R): Transistors used in ECL switch between active and cutoff regions.

57276. For the design of a sequential circuit having 9 states, minimum number of memory elements required is

57277. ICs are

57278. In a 5 x 7 dot matrix, format, to store 64 alphanumeric characters we require

57279. A digital system is required to amplify a binary encoded audio signal. The user should be able to control the gain of the amplifier from a minimum to a maximum in 100 increments. The minimum number of bits required to encode, in straight binary is,

57280. A 4 bit transistor register has output voltage of high-low-high-low. The binary number stored and its decimal equivalent are

57281. Assertion (A): A demultiplexer cannot be used as a decoder Reason (R): A multiplexer selects one of many outputs whereas a decoder selects on output corresponding to coded input.

57282. Hexadecimal number F is called to octal number

57283. A half adder can be used only for adding

57284. In the 8421 BCD code, the decimal number 125, is written as

57285. 110.112 x 1102 = __________ 10

57286. Y = A + A B is the same as

57287. Assertion (A): Different symbols are used for different gatesReason (R): IEEE symbols are the same as traditional symbols for gates.

57288. In a JK flip flop toggle means

57289. How many flag are there in 8085 microprocessor?

57290. A microcomputer has a 64 K memory. What is the hexadecimal notation for the first memory location?

57291. Binary 101010 is equivalent to decimal number

57292. Each cell of a static RAM has

57293. The clear data and present input of the JK flip-flop are known as

57294. The advantages of high density IC are

57295. The multiplication time for 10-bit numbers with 1 MHz clock will be

57296. The initial state of MOD-16 down counter is 011. After 37 clock pulses, the state of the counter will be

57297. In a 4 bit weighted resistor D/A converter, resistor value corresponding to LSB is 32 k ohm. The resistor value corresponding to MSB is

57298. Full adder circuit can be implemented by

57299. (FE35)16 XOR (CB15)16 is equal to

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