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58051. Is Schottky TTL, Schottky diode is used primary to

58052. What is the maximum output voltage from the 741 op-amp?

58053. A full adder is to be implemented using half adders and OR gates. A 4 bit parallel adder without any initial carry requires

58054. The main advantage of hexadecimal numbers is

58055. T- FF used as a

58056. A pulse train can be delayed by a finite number of clock periods by using

58057. The disadvantage of counter type ADC as compared to comparator ADC is that

58058. In 8421 Binary coded Decimal system the decimal number 237 is represented by

58059. For the given truth table, the correct Boolean expression is

58060. The race condition in NOR SR latch occurs when

58061. Flag bits in arithmetic unit provide

58062. The generic microprocessor contains a zero and a carry flag. These are located on the The 8156 of a figure has RAM locations from 2000 H to 20 FFH.

58063. How many interrupts are there of 8085 μP?

58064. Multiplexer can be used as logic function generator.

58065. 74HCT00 series is

58066. The output of a full adder is

58067. Number of cards read per minute by a card reader may be of the order of

58068. The open collector gates in the given figure are tied together. The output Y =

58069. The dual of the function A(B C + BC + BC ) is

58070. Assuming accumulator contain A 64 and the carry is set (1). What will register A and (CY) contain after ACI 0 A4 H?

58071. For the shaded area in Venn diagram of the given figure, the Boolean expression is

58072. If an inverter is placed at the input to an SR flip-flop, the result is

58073. What is the direction of control bus?

58074. How many zone bits are there? The 8156 of a figure has RAM locations from 2000 H to 20 FFH.

58075. Which of the following is equivalent to AND-OR realization?

58076. How many different BCD number can be stored in a register containing 12 switches using an 8, 4, 2, 1 code?

58077. An SR flip flop can be built using

58078. The time taken by NP-class sorting algorithm is

58079. TTL XOR gate is very suitable as LCO driver.

58080. A typical microcomputer has 65, 536 registers in its memory. It will be specified as

58081. A function table is required in very large numbers the memory most switched for this purpose would be

58082. What kind of signal does the times produce?

58083. Assertion (A): A presettable counter can be preset to any desired starting pointReason (R): The maximum frequency of a ripple counter depends on the modulus.

58084. A digital clock uses __________ chip

58085. The contents of stack location 2109 H after the call operation will be

58086. How many nodes are there in a full state space tree with n=6?

58087. In a flip-flop with RS latch a high S and a low R set the output to __________ and a low S and a high R set the output __________ .

58088. For the logic circuit shown in figure, the simplified Boolean expression for the output Y is

58089. What is the direction of control bus?

58090. In the given figure assume that initially Q = 1 with Clock Pulses being given, the subsequent states of Q will be

58091. The Boolean expression (A + B) (A + C ) (B + C ) simplifies to

58092. If Vin is 0.99 V, what is the digital output of the ADC 0801 after INTER goes low?

58093. Which of the following operation are performed on linear queues?Testing a linear queue for underflowEnqueue operationDequeue operationTesting a linear queue for overflow. Select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists

58094. As access time is decreased, the cost of memory

58095. Assertion (A): Hamming code is commonly used for error correction Reason (R): In Hamming code the number of parity bits increases as the number of information bits increases.

58096. A 2 bit binary multiplier can be implemented using

58097. A microcomputer has memory locations from 0000 to FFFF, each storing 1 byte. How many bytes can be the memory store?

58098. Typical size of digital IC is about

58099. A clock signal coordinates the working of different flip flops.

58100. In 8085, usually the vector location and the next two memory location contain a JMP instruction. This allows the programs to branch to

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