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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1173

58651. For TE or TM modes of propagation in bounded media, the phase velocity is

58652. Lami’s theorem is applicable only for

58653. Frequencies in the UHF range propagate by means of

58654. Slate is formed by the metamorphic action on

58655. Intrinsic or characteristic impedance of free space has a value of

58656. The number of bricks per cubic meter of brick masonry is

58657. Radiation resistance of half-wave dipole (λ/2) antenna is in free space

58658. The type of roof which slopes in two directions with a break in the slope on each side is called

58659. The effect of the inductance of a coil on a constant direct current is that

58660. Sum of tread and rise must lie between

58661. If H = 0.1 sin (108p t + βλ) A/m for a plane wave propagating in free space, then the time average Poynting vector is

58662. In the construction of arches,sand box method is used for

58663. The ratio of tangential component of electric field at the surface of a conductor and the linear current density resulting from this field is __________ impedance

58664. The slenderness ratio of masonry walls should not be more than

58665. The gain of collinear arrays is maximum when the spacing between the elements is

58666. Pick up the portion not included in plinth area

58667. Virtual height of an ionospheric layer is always greater than its actual height.

58668. Hydrographic survey deals with the mapping of

58669. In waveguides the existing waves are

58670. The term __________ applies to troposcatter propagation

58671. Unit of e is __________ .

58672. So-called 'grounded' antennas are often found insulated from the ground electrically.

58673. End fire array is called a linear resonant dipole array.

58674. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding Balun transformer?

58675. The maximum usable frequency for the 'E' layer is 10 MHz.

58676. In free space

58677. EDMI stands for

58678. Which one is not correct for folded dipole antenna?

58679. For VLF antennas radiation resistance is usually of the order of

58680. The attenuation factor in parallel plane guides is given by

58681. Which of the following relations is incorrect?

58682. An antenna array pattern is to used for increasing

58683. A unipole is also known as

58684. Microwave signals follow the curvature of the earth and the phenomenon

58685. Broadcasting antennas are generally

58686. A transmission line has characteristics impedance of (75 + j 0.01) Ω and is terminated in a load impedance of (70 + j 50) Ω. The reflection coefficient will be

58687. Which of the following term does not apply to the Yagi-Uda array?

58688. In a rectangular waveguide ZTE . ZTM is

58689. Brewster angle is the angle for which there is

58690. Surface waves can propagate on Piezoelectric substrates.

58691. An order of court to produce a man in detention is called?

58692. A folded dipole antenna is conveniently connected to

58693. The "boundary sphere" between antenna region and free space region appears to "opaque"

58694. In a horizontal polarized wave

58695. For a uniform plane wave of frequency 106 Hz propagating in a good conductor, the field undergoes a change in phase by 2p radius over a distance of 1 meter. The field is attenuated by a factor of 1/e at a distance of

58696. T.V. broadcasting based on

58697. Absolute permeability (μ) is given by __________ henry/metre

58698. GPS is a précised system to provide accurate timing and location launched by

58699. If a EM wave propagating in z direction then

58700. The thin parallel wires are carrying current along the same direction. The force experienced by one due to the other is

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