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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1172

58601. Polystyrene has a relative permittivity of 2.7. If the wave is incident at an angle θi of 30° from air into polystyrene, the angle of transmission will be nearly

58602. The novel ‘Nurayum Pathayum’written by

58603. The name of Rajput King with eighty scars an done eye was?

58604. Who abolished slave trade in Travancore?

58605. How did Hiuen Tsang under take journey from and to India?

58606. The first national park in Kerala

58607. Short-circuited stubs are preferred to open circuited stubs because the latter are

58608. Who is called ‘Kerala Tagore’?

58609. What is involves in a scalar quantity?

58610. ’Adwaitha Chintha Padhadi’is the literary work of

58611. In binomial arrays the elimination of secondary lobes takes place

58612. The aim of Rajiv Awaz Yojana

58613. The characteristic equation of plane wave in E independent of two dimensions y and z is

58614. The eradication of unemployment programme of Kudumbashree known as

58615. Find the correct alternative to fill the blank space MOTHER : KMRFCP :: UNCLE : .........?

58616. The publisher of the news paper ‘Al Ameen’

58617. In a medium if ε, μ and σ are constant throughout the medium, then it is known as

58618. The leader of Guruvayoor Sathyagraha

58619. The directivity of 20 turn helix having a = 12° circumference equal to one wavelength, will be

58620. The year of Vaikkom Sathyagraha

58621. The velocity factor of a transmission line

58622. Herman Gundert is associated with which Christian Missionaries in Kerala?

58623. For TM waves in a parallel plate waveguide, the minimum attenuation arising from imperfect conductors would occur at a freq. of (fc is the cut off frequency)

58624. How many satellites were launched by PSLV C 34 on its mission?

58625. __________ acts as a depolarizer in a dry cell.

58626. If a number of forces are acting simultaneously on a particle,then the resultant of these forces will have the same effect as that of the applied forces.This principle is called

58627. An antenna couple is used due to all of the following reasons except

58628. The maximum settlement of raft foundation on clayey soil should be limited to

58629. The advantage of Marconi antenna over the ungrounded antenna is that

58630. The least count of prismatic compass is

58631. What will be the propagation constant at 10 MHz?

58632. If the magnetic bearing of the sun at a place at noon in Southern hemisphere is 1670,the magnetic declination at that place is

58633. The reflection coefficient is generally a

58634. The absorption of radio waves by the atmosphere depends on

58635. Ratio of inertia force to viscous force is called

58636. The ordinates of curve 3,4,6,7,10,12 and 15 cm respectively at a common distance of 3 cms.The area using Trapezoidal rule will be equal to

58637. A broadside array is shown in figure in which the elements are placed at equal distances. The direction of maximum radiation is represented by

58638. The unit of measurement of plastering is in

58639. Procrastinator is to time, as extravagant is to .........?

58640. The major ingredient of cement is

58641. There is no radiation at right angles to the plane of the array, is end fire array.

58642. Priming is not required in

58643. Which of the following constitute the loss resistance of an antenna?

58644. A portion of embankment having a uniform up gradient of 1 in 500 is circular with a radius of 1000 m of the centre line.It subtends 1800at the centre.If the height of the embankment is 1 m at the lower end and side slope is 2:1,the earth work involved is

58645. The M.K.S. unit of magnetic field intensity is

58646. The optimum depth for Kov watering of rice is

58647. The gas that turns clear lime water milky is:?

58648. The expected out turn of 5 cm .Cement concrete flooring per mason per day is

58649. For EM wave propagation in free space, the free space is defined as

58650. A circle will appear as ------on an isometric drawing

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