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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1174

58701. Mutual impedance is not depend upon

58702. The dimension of flux density is

58703. An alternating current or voltage is that which

58704. When the magnetic vector is parallel to the boundary surface and electric vector is parallel to the place of incidence, the polarization is

58705. The total electrical energy emitted overall space from an electron of charge e and radius r is

58706. In broadside array

58707. Which of following antenna does not depend upon the frequency?

58708. For a distortionless line, the parameters are related as

58709. A field can be

58710. Phase velocity of waves propagating in a hollow metal waveguide is

58711. If a plane electromagnetic wave satisfies the equation , the wave propagates in the (at an angle of 45° between the x and z direction)

58712. Good smoothing factor of a coil depends on

58713. MUF is given by

58714. A waveguide behave as

58715. Radar antennas are usually

58716. The radio horizon for space waves is about three-fourth as for as the optical horizon.

58717. Triatics are

58718. Which of the following is abnormal variation in ionosphere?

58719. The famous book ‘Jeevita Chinthakal’ is written by?

58720. Troposphere is the upper part of the Earth's atmosphere which absorbs large quantities of Sun's radiations.

58721. For resonant long wire antenna 'n' half wavelength long in free space, if 'n' is increased then inclination of the major lobe with wire axis will __________ .

58722. The maximum effective aperture of λ/2 (half-wave) antenna is

58723. Zoning is used with a dielectric antenna in order to

58724. For aeroplane and navigation frequency band is

58725. Poynting vector signifies which of the following?

58726. Which one is correct?

58727. When a magnetic circuit is compared with an electric circuit, the equivalent of the magnetic flux is

58728. A TEM wave incident obliquely on a dielectric boundary with εr1 = 2 and εr2 = 1, the angle of incidence for total reflection is

58729. The total field produced by an antenna array system at a distance from it is

58730. A perfect conductor is a perfect absorber of electromagnetic waves.

58731. In a lead acid cell the density of the acid gives an indication of

58732. A (0.75 - j50) ohm load is connected to a coaxial transmission line of Z0 = 75 ohms at a frequency of 10 GHz Which of the following will be the best method of matching?

58733. Ground wave propagation is useful for

58734. Radiowaves are electromagnetic waves having frequency range

58735. When a line of any odd multiple of a quarter wavelength is short-circuited it represents

58736. An antenna is considered to be in free space where its height above the ground is

58737. In waveguide Degenerate modes are

58738. Microwave signals follow the curvature of the earth and the phenomenon is known as

58739. In a carbon-zinc cell the function of the depolarizer is that

58740. Induction and radiation fields are equal at a distance equal to

58741. The effective height of an antenna is slightly greater than physical height because

58742. A long periodic antenna is a

58743. In a four element Yagi-Uda antenna

58744. The statement that the line integral of magnetic field about any closed path is exactly equal to the direct current enclosed by that path, is known as

58745. Transverse magnetic (TM) waves have

58746. UHF and microwaves in the frequency range 300 MHz to 30 GHz can be best transmitted using __________ propagation

58747. The directive gain of λ/2 resonant wire is 1.64.

58748. The effective height of a vertical radiator can be increased by

58749. When an electromagnetic wave travelling in one medium strikes upon a second medium (having a different conductivity) the wave will be

58750. For transmission of waveform a dielectric medium of permittivity ε1 into a dielectric medium of lower permittivity ε2 , (ε1 > ε2) the critical angle of incidence θc (relative to the interface) is given by

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